Matthew Fanelli & Jose Lopez-Jovel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Matthew Fanelli and Jose Lopez-Jovel

El Paso County Sheriffs Office Matthew Fanelli and Jose Lopez-Jovel were arrested after a wild, violent multi-state crime spree.

Matthew Fanelli and Jose Lopez-Jovel were arrested after police say they went on a multi-state crime spree that began with an assault at a Colorado Springs strip club, KOAA News reports.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office announced Sunday that Fanelli was arrested in Oregon after a days-long manhunt. He was arrested in an attempted carjacking in Roseburg, Oregon.

Police say Fanelli was kicked out of the Deja Vu strip club on Friday, February 22. He was upset that he was asked to leave after allegedly assaulting a dancer and opened fire at the manager and two bouncers, police say.

No one was injured in the shooting.

Fanelli fled and was later arrested along with Jose Lopez-Jovel after attempting to steal a car.

After fleeing from police in Oregon, Fanelli allegedly shot a man and critically wounded him in another failed carjacking, The Gazette reports. He also struck several other cars on the road.

Fanelli was arrested on suspicion of seven counts of attempted murder, assault, and being a fugitive. Lopez-Jovel was arrested on suspicion of the attempted hijacking and being a fugitive from Utah.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Matthew Fanelli’s Multi-State Crime Spree Began at Strip Club, Police Say

Police: Two men arrested after violent, multi-state crime spreePolice said Jose Lopez-Jovel and Matthew Fanelli are associated with a multi-state crime spree of violent criminal activity.2019-02-25T07:52:37.000Z

Matthew Fanelli, 30, began his multi-state violent crime spree at the Deja Vu Showgirls club in Colorado Springs, police say.

Police say Fanelli assaulted 19-year-old dancer Cynthia Sena.

Surveillance video from the club shows Sena running out of the club naked with Fanelli and a Hispanic man believed to be Lopez-Jovel and leaving in a silver Nissan with New Mexico plates.

Fanelli is from New Mexico. Police have not been able to locate Sena. They say she is considered both a victim and an accomplice.

After he was kicked out of the club, Fanelli fired a gun at the club manager and two bouncers, police say. No one was injured but Fanelli did strike the front of the building with several bullets.

2. Fanelli and Jose Lopez-Jovel Were in Attempted Carjacking in Oregon, Police Say

Suspected club shooter arrested after multi-state crime spreeA violent crime spree that started with a shooting in Colorado Springs was put to an end after authorities in Oregon arrested the man deputies identified as the shooter.2019-02-25T11:44:10.000Z

After the strip club incident, Denver police say they believe Fanelli shot and killed a man and stole his Cadillac at around 2 am, KOAA reported.

Several hours later, the car was linked to a convenience store robbery in Cheyenne, Wyoming and a bank robbery in Summit County, Utah.

On Saturday, Oregon State Police responded to an attempted carjacking in Roseburg.

Fanelli fled from police, leaving Lopez-Jovel behind. Lopez-Jovel was arrested and is being held on suspicion of several violent crimes and being a fugitive from Utah.

3. Fanelli Shot Another Man After Police Found Him

VideoVideo related to matthew fanelli & jose lopez-jovel: 5 fast facts you need to know2019-02-25T13:47:18-05:00

Police say Fanelli was unable to steal a car and left in his original vehicle.

Police say Fanelli fired several shots at police while trying to flee. The shots disabled a patrol car, hit a truck, and struck a passenger car with a child seat with a child inside.

After police lost sight of him, Fanelli attempted to carjack another vehicle. During the attempt, he shot a man in the car and assaulted a woman who was in the car.

Police say the man suffered critical injuries in the shooting but Fanelli was unable to steal the car and took off in his original vehicle again.

4. Fanelli is Charged With Seven Counts of Attempted Murder

Suspects Wanted In 3-State Crime SpreeThe crime spree began in Denver with a carjacking and murder.2019-02-23T01:04:53.000Z

Police were able to track down Fanelli again and arrested him after his vehicle became disabled, KEZI reports.

The Gazette reported that Fanelli was arrested on suspicion of seven counts of attempted murder, assault in the first degree and being a fugitive from Colorado.

He is being held at the Josephine County Jail in Grants Pass.

5. Lopez-Jovel is Suspected of Violent Criminal Activity and Being a Fugitive

Bank Robbery Suspects Wanted In Deadly CarjackingThe crime spree started with a murder in Denver, then to Wyoming, Utah.2019-02-23T05:14:44.000Z

Lopez-Jovel was arrested after Fanelli left him behind in Roseburg.

The 31-year-old from El Salvador is being held in Douglas County Jail.

He is suspected of multiple violent crimes and is also a fugitive from Utah.

Police say they are working with multiple agencies and the investigation into the crime spree is ongoing.

“As a matter of precaution, citizens along the route of the vehicle chase and associated crime scenes should be vigilant of their surrounding area, hitchhikers and securing of their property,” Oregon State Police said in a statement, according to KDRV. “Additionally, motorists traveling Interstate 5 during the vehicle pursuit, are requested to check their vehicles for evidence of firearm damage.”

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