Bernie Sanders’ South Carolina Rally Crowd Size Photos & Videos

Twitter/Ryan Nobles screenshot

Bernie Sanders held a rally in South Carolina Thursday night.

It was a packed house at the Royal Family Life Center in North Charleston. But some say the crowd was not representative of the demographic; the community is half African-American. The crowd was largely white.

Sanders’ Brooklyn rally last month drew nearly 15,000 and the Chicago rally brought more than 12,000 supporters out. In four Iowa rallies, there was overflow seen at each location. His two rallies in New Hampshire, held during a blizzard, drew thousands.

There was speculation that Sanders would not do well in South Carolina. Reports from the rally say otherwise.

“They may say ‘Bernie will do OK in Iowa and NH, but not SC,” @BernieSanders says. “Well, based on what I’m seeing tonight, I think we’re going to do just fine.””

Watch the full rally here.

Still looking for numbers, but some on the ground claim Sanders did better than other candidates.

A number of supporters and rally attendees noted that Sanders’ rally turnout was much larger than that of 2020 hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Looks like Bernie isn’t having any trouble drawing crowds in South Carolina. This is a MUCH bigger rally than anything Kamala had in SC.”

“…a SC rally for Kamala 2020 was empty-this is an important state for Ds, esp Bernie, the frontrunner”

The South Carolina rally was held in the Royal Family Life Center gymnasium.

A Packed Gym? Yes. But as Was Noted, North Charleston is Half African-American & the Crowd Was Mostly White

And that point was repeated shortly after the rally ended.

“The Democratic Party is overwhelmingly Black in South Carolina. Where are they? They sure as heck aren’t the ones at the rally. This looks nothing like a Democratic rally in South Carolina. It’s a weird optic.”

Others said don’t underestimate the importance of the black female vote noting there were few black women at the event.

“If you cannot FILL a hall, damn, a stadium with POC and specifically black women in South Carolina. You already lost *that* vote…”