Beth Plant, Caleb Plant’s Mother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Beth Plant Caleb Plant's Mother

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The death of the mother of championship boxer, Caleb Plant, has rocked the sports world. Many say that Plant’s death has been a series of unfortunate and bizarre events. She had been only a year over having just turned 50 and had more years ahead of her. What happened in the case of Beth Plant?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Beth Plant, the Mother of Boxer Caleb Plant, Died Saturday Morning

Beth Plant died on Saturday, in a hospital in Tennessee, according to reports. She was shot and killed by a deputy.

Beth Plant was 51 years old. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Beth Plant was initially being taken to a hospital for a separate issue, when she pulled a knife on the ambulance driver. The driver called the cops.

Plant died at a Nashville hospital in Cheatham County.

2. Caleb Plant is a World Champion Boxer

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A year ago.

A post shared by Caleb Plant (@calebplant) on Feb 17, 2019 at 3:06pm PST

Beth Plant’s son, Caleb Plant is a championship boxer. He is currently the IBF super middleweight champion.

Calen is 26 years old. He won his IBF title against Jose Uzcategui in Los Angeles on Jan. 13. It was a unanimous-decision victory, according to Bleacher Report.

“A year ago,” Caleb posted in the Instagram video above, where he can be seen in action, boxing his opponent.

3. Beth Plant Was Accused of Brandishing a Knife at a Deputy Before He Shot Her

The circumstances surrounding Beth Plant’s death are strange. Reports from the investigation of her death state that a 911 call was placed to transport Beth Plant, 51, to a hospital.

On the way, Plant pulled a knife out of her backpack and the ambulance driver, who reportedly felt threatened, pulled over at New Hope Road and Highway 41A to call the police.

When a deputy showed up, Plant got outside the ambulance and “brandished the knife at the deputy,” the TBI news release says.

The deputy opened fire at Plant, who was then taken to the hospital, where she passed away.

4. Beth Plant Also Lost Her Granddaughter, Caleb Plant’s Daughter, Not Long Ago

Beth Plant’s granddaughter also lost her life. Her granddaughter and Caleb’s 1-year-old daughter, Alia, passed away in 2015, after doctors discovered that she had been born with a brain abnormality, according to reports.

Caleb reportedly grew up with a very “rough upbringing”, and fought his way out of it, into championship status.

5. Caleb Plant Has Released a Statement in Light of His Mother, Beth Plant’s Death

In light of his mother’s death, Caleb issued a statement on Instagram.

The statement reads:

Love you forever and always momma .

You always said “work hard bubba” and I did. I

know that we spent a lot of time wishing the relationship we had was different but you was still my momma.

We both wished we could start from scratch so we could go back and you could have a fresh start with me and Maddie.

Regardless you was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever come across. You had your demons but you’d give the shoes off your feet and your last dollar to someone who needed it less than you.

I love you momma and I know you are up there with Alia now and her and grandma finally get to spend time together like we talked abt way back. You are the first one out of all of us to see what Alia is really like so make the most of that and kiss her up and tell her that her daddy loves and misses her.

I know in the end it’s your demons we always talked abt that got the best of you. Maybe you always told me because you knew I’d understand because we shared some of the same ones but you didn’t deserve for them to do that to you.

Some Twitter user, like “Mike Edwards” above, wondered whether there could not have been a better way to handle the 51-year-old’s brandishing a knife.

“Beth Plant was outside the ambulance (she had been being transported) and brandishing the knife towards the officer, who shot her,” the Twitter user wrote. “She died. Is there not a better way?”

A look back at reports covering police encounters with civilians has often left civilians with the same question. Many are wondering why Plant’s mother had to be killed instead of apprehended and taken to the hospital.

In his Instagram post dedicated to his mother’s passing, Caleb appears to have a little more information about the troubles with which she may have been involved. “I know in the end it’s your demons we always talked abt that got the best of you,” Caleb writes in his post. What Plant’s “demons” may have been is unclear.

Still, a tragic and traumatic loss for the Plant family, and a tough case for the TBI.

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