Lordstown & Chuckie Denison Featured in Bernie Sanders’ Moving New Ad [VIDEO]

Lordstown Tough"Tell General Motors today, no more federal contracts until they deal with Lordstown. Let's see how tough you are!" – Bernie Sanders, challenging President Donald Trump to bring jobs back to Lordstown, Ohio.2019-04-20T14:54:05.000Z

Bernie Sanders’ campaign just released a new ad today and it’s already the topic of conversations online around the country. The ad, called “Lordstown Tough,” can be watched in the video above.

Sanders released the new ad today, after visiting Lordstown last week. The man who figures prominently in the ad is Chuckie Denison, from Lake Milton, Ohio. At the beginning of the ad, he talks about how the area is in trouble and they need help. “This is my third plant I’ve seen close,” he says.

The ad goes on to talk about promises that Donald Trump made to the area, which voted for Trump, and how those promises were broken as the town has seen more and more people leave the area as industries and plants close.

Denison vows in the ad to stay and fight. He’s not going anywhere. Denison told local NBC affiliate WFMJ that he’s a third generation GM worker. Sadly, he said he wasn’t surprised when production ended. “I was angry, I was pissed and that’s why I plan on staying here and fighting back.”

Denison said he took an early retirement in November after working at Lordstown and Parma.  He said that current strategies simply aren’t working. He told WFMJ: “What we’ve been doing the last decades is not working. It’s not preventing these corporations from shipping our jobs overseas and no one has done anything about it, not Republicans, not Democrats and it’s time we hold all of them accountable.”

Denison joined Our Revolution, a political action committee that emerged from Sanders’ 2016 campaign. Denison said he likes both Sanders and Tim Ryan, another presidential candidate.

The news about Lordstown is recent, making Sanders’ campaign ad highly relevant in its timing. In March 2019, GM announced that production would end at its Lordstown, Ohio plant, CNN reported. GM ended production two days earlier than it had originally planned and it “unallocated” the factory, meaning no new cars will be assigned to it. GM announced a restructuring in November which included closing four U.S. plants, one plant in Canada, and cutting 8,000 U.S. jobs. The Lordstown plant gave jobs to 1,435 hourly employees. About 417 of those accepted transfers to other plants. But some, like Denison, stopped doing so because they were so tired of losing their jobs over and over and decided they wanted to “fight back.”

GM also planned to close a plant in Baltimore, Michigan, and Detroit. GM said it was closing the plant to invest money into future cars. Meanwhile, United Auto Workers union sued GM saying the closures violated the labor contract.

In April, The Detroit News shared that in 2017, Lordstown workers had made concessions worth $118 million a  year in order to save the plant from closing. This is why the Union said GM was violating a contract. Dan Morgan, a shop chairman of Local 1112, told The Detroit News: “Everything they asked us to do, we did. And still, we don’t have a product to build.”

GM said the problem wasn’t high wages but falling sales. “It was a market-driven decision,” GM spokesman Dan Flores told Detroit News.

Sanders’ new ad is causing quite a stir online. Many are praising the ad.


Twitter user @MmmBob shared the stark reality that he’s witnessed:


Here are more responses:

And here are photos of Chuckie at a town hall that another person shared on Twitter:

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