Cadesha Bishop: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Cadesha Bishop.

Cadesha Bishop, 25, is charged with murder after police identified her as the woman seen on video pushing an elderly man off a bus in Las Vegas. Police say the confrontation happened on March 21, 2019. Police released surveillance video of the incident on May 14 and have asked witnesses to come forward.

The victim, identified as Serge Fournier, fell on his head and died from his injuries on April 23. He was 74 years old. Bishop pushed him after he told her to “be nicer” to other passengers, according to a police report cited by NBC affiliate KSNV-TV.

Bishop was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on May 6, according to inmate records. She is now under house arrest. Online records also show that Bishop had been arrested on battery charges twice before.

*Warning: The video of the incident, embedded below, may be disturbing.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Victim Reportedly Heard Cadesha Bishop Swearing & Urged Her to ‘Be Nicer’ to Others

Bus Incident2019-05-13T23:48:15.000Z

On May 14, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released surveillance video from the confrontation on the bus between Cadesha Bishop and Serge Fournier. It does not include audio.

In the video, you can see Bishop appear to be speaking though it’s unclear who she is addressing. Fournier is getting ready to get off the bus and moves slowly as he turns his shopping cart toward the door. You can see him say something to Bishop. Witnesses told police that Bishop had been swearing at people on the bus, and Fournier told her to “be nicer to other passengers.”

2. Police: Bishop Was Seen on Video Shoving Serge Fournier as He Moved to Get Off the Bus; Investigators Are Asking Witnesses to Come Forward

Cadesha Bishop reacted quickly after Serge Fournier reportedly told her that she should be “nicer” to other people on the bus. The video shows the woman identified as Bishop, from two separate angles, shove Fournier off the bus using both hands.

He falls and lays still on the ground. Bishop does not offer assistance but instead turns and moves away from the door. Bishop reportedly had her young son with her on the bus, though he is not seen in the surveillance video.

Homicide detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police want to speak with anyone who was present during this fatal confrontation. They are asking witnesses to call 702-828-3521 or email

3. Serge Fournier Drove Himself to the Hospital & Died a Month Later Due to Injuries Sustained in the Attack

Serge Fournier did manage to get back up after being pushed off the bus. The Las Vegas Review-Journal, citing police, reported that Fournier was offered medical assistance at the scene but he declined. But a few hours later, Fournier checked himself into University Medical Center.

Friend Trevor Taylor told KSNV-TV that Fournier spent the final months of his life in the hospital. He passed away on April 23. Taylor described Fournier as a “wonderful person” and that he had been taking care of his disabled wife. Taylor said of Bishop, “No matter what his age, she should not have done that. People need a little more patience than what they have these days.”

The coroner ruled the death a homicide. The cause of death was described as complications from blunt force trauma to the torso. Fournier’s family notified police on May 3 that he had passed away, and Bishop was arrested three days later.

4. Cadesha Bishop Was Charged With Murder & Bond Was Set at $100,000

Cadesha Bishop inmate record

Cadesha Bishop was arrested on May 6, 2019, according to inmate records. She was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and bond was set at $100,000. She has since been released and placed on electronic monitoring. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 17 and she will remain under house arrest until that time, according to the Las Vegas Journal-Review.

Bishop was charged with open murder on an elderly-vulnerable person. According to Clark County court records, a public defender was assigned to Bishop’s case.

5. Cadesha Bishop Has Been Charged With Misdemeanor Battery Twice, According to Court Records

Court records in Clark County, Nevada indicate Cadesha Bishop has a history of violence. In March of 2012, she was charged with battery in a domestic violence case. Bishop agreed to a plea deal in that case. The terms of the plea included that she had to complete community service, undergo “impulse control counseling” and to remain out of trouble.

Bishop faced battery charges again in January of 2013. Records show she pleaded guilty more than a year later. She agreed to a suspended jail sentence of 90 days, domestic violence counseling, and more community service.

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