WATCH: ‘I EAT ASS’ Florida Man Eats Anus-Cake on Video

WATCH: 'I EAT ASS' Florida Man Eats Anus-Cake on Video

YouTube/Chaunseyy Webb (left) and Chaunseyy (right) enjoying their butt-shaped cake.

The saga of Dillon Webb continues. The Florida man, who at this point is solidified within the Internet Hall of Fame, has found himself in the midst of ass-eating shenanigans once again.

After dashcam footage documented Webb’s arrest – stemming from his refusal to remove his “I EAT ASS” decal from his truck – the Lake City resident has found himself back in front of a camera.

YouTuber, Chaunseyy met with Dillon Webb in Lake City to hear his side of the story. After some brief discussion about the origins of Webb’s now infamous bumper sticker, and the support and backlash he has received since his arrest, Webb was presented a gift – a cake in the shape of, you guessed it, an ass.

Interview with the Florida Man Who was Arrested for Refusing to Remove an "I EAT ASS" DecalCome with us as we travel to Lake City, interview a Florida Man, satisfy our sexual appetite with cake, and hear the opinions of the people. A huge thanks to Dillon Webb, see what he is up to on the following accounts. FB: Instagram: Youtube: Also check out the hilarity which is…2019-05-16T19:05:20.000Z

“Alright after you, show me how,” Chaunseyy said to Webb as they both proceeded to enjoy the butt-shaped dessert.

Webb was arrested on May 5th after a Columbia County Deputy pulled him over and claimed his bumper sticker violated Florida Statute 847.011. After the officer gave him a court date and asked Webb to remove one letter from his decal, Webb refused, claiming his First Amendment rights were being violated. He was then arrested and sent to jail on a $2,500 bond.

WATCH: 'I EAT ASS' Florida Man Eats Anus-Cake on Video

The cake that was gifted from Chaunseyy to Webb.

Webb is planning on suing the Columbia County Sheriff’s office for his wrongful arrest. He has already hired an attorney and set up a GoFundMe page, asking support with any legal fees during the process.

The Origins of Webb’s ‘I EAT ASS’ Sticker

During the interview with Chaunseyy, Webb shared how his decal ended up on the back of his truck.

Dillon Webb, 'I Eat Ass' Florida Man: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

GoFundMe/Dillon WebbDillon Webb was wrongfully arrested for his ‘I EAT ASS’ truck decal.

“My two friends had it first because they got it at a car show. Everyone around town was pointing and laughing like, ‘Hey look it’s that, it’s funny!'” Webb said. “So I went and got mine made, and well, about 72 hours later, he pulled me over.”

Webb also added that he was disappointed with the way law enforcement handled the whole situation.

“It’s not even about the money, it’s about the law enforcement not doing their job,” Webb said. “They need to realize, yes you’re a citizen, yes you serve the law, but you need to obey that law as well.”

Webb Continues to Recieve Support

Webb made sure not to miss a beat when mentioning the amount of support he has garnered since his arrest.

Webb gave credit to his friends and family after Chaunseyy asked him what their reaction has been like.

“They support me,” Webb said. “It was all funny to them. Even my own mom, she was like, ‘Why’d the heck did you get that?’ I was like, ‘It’s funny.’ She goes, ‘I know it’s funny but c’mon man!”

“She’s supportive though,” Webb added. “Hell, the whole community has been supportive.”

Webb even got some vocal backing in the midst of his interview, which took place in the middle of a shopping center parking lot.

WATCH: 'I EAT ASS' Florida Man Eats Anus-Cake on Video

YouTube/ChaunseyyDillon Webb (right) shows a thumbs up to a Lake City resident who supports his lawsuit.

“Are you the one who eats ass?” a woman asked passing by the interview. Webb then showed her a thumbs up. “F–k yeah, man!” she responded.

Another passer-by showed his support, as well. “You’ll get 100-Grand at least,” the man yelled across the parking lot.

As Webb continues to garner more and more attention across the Internet, his lawsuit could gain some traction. Who knew 2019’s champion of free speech would be a 23-year-old Lake City, Florida resident with an “I EAT ASS” bumper sticker on the back of his truck?


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