What is a Raccoon Dog?

What is a Cat-Fox?

Nottinghamshire Police Nottinghamshire Police in England have notified residents to be vigilant of two dangerous raccoon dogs.

It may have popped up on your social media timeline or danced across your favorite evening news show, but there has been a story going around about two dangerous raccoon dogs loose in an English village.

Raccoon dog? A dog mixed with a raccoon? A raccoon mixed with a dog? A dog who was bitten by a raccoon and it has now taken on the form of half-raccoon? All valid questions that deserve an equally valid answer.

This isn’t the first time raccoon dogs have become a viral sensation, as Yahoo does a nice job describing the Internet sensation which also gained steam in 2016.

Raccoon dogs, also known as tanukis are apart of the canid family. The canid family is well-known because it includes the likes of dogs and wolves.

According to CNN, experts warn about adopting or trying to domesticate raccoon dogs. Although they look a lot like dogs, tanukis have curved claws which allow them to climb easier than standard canines.

They are typically 8 to 13 pounds and reach about 19 to 26 inches in length and reside mostly in East Asia and Western and Northern Europe.