John Corcoran, Barbara’s Brother, Found Dead in the Dominican Republic in April

Barbara Corcoran


John Corcoran, the brother of Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, was found dead in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic back in April. According to TMZ, John died of an apparent heart attack.

John was in his 60s and retired, though he owned Statewide Roofing and Siding in Edgewater, New Jersey, where he and his family were raised. According to the TMZ report, John vacationed in the Dominican Republic every year.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. John’s Cause of Death Hasn’t Been Proven via Autopsy, According to Barbara

John died of a heart attack but his cause of death has not been proven via an autopsy — at least, that’s what Barbara told TMZ. She has not seen any results of an autopsy, nor can she confirm whether or not an autopsy was conducted on her brother.

Although an autopsy generally doesn’t take too long to conduct (about two to four hours), experts suggest that an autopsy be conducted soon after a person has died.

“Forensic pathologist Dr. Stephen J. Cina says that autopsies are best if performed within 24 hours of death before organs deteriorate, and ideally before embalming, which can interfere with toxicology and blood cultures. But autopsies performed on decomposed or even exhumed bodies can still provide vital new information, depending on the extent of decomposition,” PBS reports.

It’s unclear where John Corcoran was staying or what he may have been doing before his death. It is also unknown if he had any prior health issues that may have contributed to his death.

2. John Is 1 of 7 U.S. Tourists Found Dead in the Dominican Republic Over the Past 12 Months

According to the New York Times, more than two million Americans visit the Dominican Republic every year.

Over the past year, a total of six U.S. tourists have been found dead in the Dominican Republic.  Two of those deaths were discovered at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, which is a popular tourist destination.

In June 2018, 51-year-old Yvette Monique Sport died of a heart attack. One month later, 45-year-old David Harrison died at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, also of a heart attack.

This past April, a man named Robert Wallace fell ill after drinking scotch for the minibar in his hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, according to his family. He died at the age of 67. John Corcoran also died in the Dominican Republic in April.

Miranda Schaup-Werner died in May of a heart attack. She had been celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband at the Luxury Bahia Príncipe Bouganville. Days later, a couple by the names of Nathaniel Edward Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day were both found dead at the Grand Bahia Príncipe La Romana. Holmes and Day both died from respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, according to the autopsy.

At this time, it is not believed that any of those deaths are connected and all are believed to be separate incidents.

Additionally, several people have reported getting sick while staying at Bahia Principe properties in the Caribbean country.

“We completely disagree with the dissemination of false information issued publicly which threatens the image and reputation of the company and the integrity and rights of our employees and their families, reserving, where necessary, the right to take appropriate legal action,” the resort said in a statement.

3. The FBI Has Launched an Investigation into 3 of the Aforementioned Deaths, but it’s Unclear if John Corcoran’s Death Will Be Investigated


On Wednesday, NBC News reported that the FBI is currently investigating three of the deaths that occurred in the Dominican Republic.

According to the U.S. Embassy, the deaths of Miranda Schaup-Werner, Nathaniel Edward Holmes, and Cynthia Ann Day, which all happened at the Bahia Principe resort in La Romana last month, are currently being looked into.

“We ask everyone to be patient while these investigations run their course,” a statement from the embassy said.

According to TMZ, there are theories about what may have happened to these tourists. However, none of them have been proven true at this time.

4. Barbara Corcoran Hadn’t Spoken out About Her Brother’s Passing Until Today

Barbara didn’t post about her brother’s death on social media, but she did post a photo of her family on National Siblings Day earlier this year.

“Ten kids, 1 bath. I’m 10 times blessed having grown up as 1 of 10 children. My mom taught us that every child had a special talent and we all had to pitch in if we were going to be a strong family. I later built a happy company 1000 people strong on those two simple principals,” Barbara captioned a photo of her family on National Siblings Day.

Barbara told TMZ that John was “her favorite brother” and that he had a wonderful personality. The Shark Tank mogul added that her brother “would have been great on TV.”

5. He Was Involved in a Motorcycle Crash in 2016


In April 2016, John was in an accident while riding his motorcycle in New Jersey. He had been out for a ride when he came up on a corner too quickly. His bike went out from under him and he was thrown across the road, eventually landing on top of a pile of concrete blocks.

“John was rushed to Morristown Medical Center. He had suffered five crushed vertebrae, 18 broken ribs, and lungs that were filled with blood. Worst of all, when he arrived at the hospital, he was paralyzed, having lost all function in his legs and bladder control,” Barbara said at the time.

John underwent emergency surgery to reconstruct his spine. While it was unclear if John would ever be able to walk again, he managed to pull through. He spent seven weeks in the hospital followed by two weeks in rehab before returning home.

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