First Democratic Debate: Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions


Tonight, June 26, was the first Democratic debate. Here’s a look back at what happened, shared through the best memes and tweets about the debate.

The debate was intense, with 10 candidates vying for attention, sometimes agreeing and often speaking over each other with passionate ideals. Some candidates, like Elizabeth Warren, got a lot of attention. Other candidates like Tulsi Gabbard and Tim Ryan weren’t heard from nearly as often. But they all got viewers’ attention at some point along the way.

While the points were serious tonight, there were also plenty of not-so-serious moments too, like a certain mic issue that happened halfway through. Here are some of the best tweets, reactions, and memes during the debate.

When the candidates were asked what they would do about immigration, some viewers had an interesting point as the candidates argued:

Some viewers thought Tim Ryan was entertaining.

Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard didn’t get a lot of airtime.

But others loved one of Ryan’s responses.

Interestingly, Cory Booker said he wouldn’t sign back up for the Iran nuclear deal. He said he’d try to leverage a better deal.

Warren did quite well during the debate.

Castro has a twin brother, so this question from a viewer was pretty entertaining.

A lot of candidates spoke in Spanish.

This meme from the 2016 debate was still accurate sometimes.

Of course, Trump had a reaction to the debates too:

When Booker spoke in Spanish, some people were surprised.

Speaking Spanish was a big theme tonight.

And then that mic situation was awkward.

The candidates certainly had interesting reactions to each other.

And then there was the great moment when Elizabeth Warren said yes, she did have a plan.

But Tulsi Gabbard may have been the winner. Her name was one of the top-searched names tonight, interestingly enough.

And she got a lot of tweets of support.

And this next idea would have been amazing.

But really, the biggest theme of the night was speaking Spanish.

But this one might be too perfect:

And I kind of love this one about Elizabeth Warren.

And this might be a little too accurate:

We can only imagine the memes that will happen tomorrow about Bernie and Biden are face-to-face.

And don’t forget to Pokemon Go to the polls on election day.

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