WATCH: Creepy Man in Hazmat Suit Rings Doorbells in Kansas Neighborhoods


Residents are worried after a man wearing a hazmat suit was picked up on video wandering around and ringing doorbells. You can watch the strange person in this video below from Fox4KC, which also includes a news report of the incident. We will update this story as more videos become available.

The man was seen in multiple Overland park neighborhoods, wandering around in hazmat clothing and ringing doorbells. He was caught on multiple surveillance videos, Fox4KC reported. The affected neighborhoods included Summerwood Estates, Polo Fields, and Mill Farm.

Neighbors say the man is seen on video wearing a hazmat suit that covers his face, a backpack, gloves, and a light on his head. The light he’s wearing has been referred to by media as a miner’s lamp, but it’s important to note that it’s not limited to miners. It’s a type of headlamp that you can buy online that’s very common.

His suit isn’t a true hazmat suit that would actually protect someone from chemical exposures. In the videos, he appears to be wearing a short-sleeved hazmat suit with long sleeves under it and shorts. Hazmat suits aren’t rare and can be purchased in a variety of styles and sizes on Amazon. So the entire “outfit” that he’s wearing could easily be purchased online.

The man is wandering around ringing doorbells, and even was reported to have walked into a screened porch. One couple told Fox4KC that they found a shattered basement window after they heard tapping outside around the same time that he was reported by neighbors.

CBS 6 reported that a neighbor said she heard her doorbell alarm go off around midnight, but she didn’t think about it until she saw a lot of posts on Facebook. Then she saw the same creepy person on her own video.

He’s been seen in multiple neighborhoods and caught on video at multiple homes. Heavy is looking for more videos to share in this story. Please tweet the author of this story if you have a video or photo of this creepy man that you’d like to share.

If you have any information, call the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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