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Haley Robson, now 33, could face federal charges for the role she told police she played in helping to recruit young girls for Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago.

Robson was just 17 years old when she first met the multimillionaire financier at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Court documents detail how Robson brought other teenage girls from her school to Epstein’s home to give him massages in exchange for payment. In a 2005 conversation with police, Robson compared herself to “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.

At the time, Robson denied that she did anything wrong. She insisted that the girls who were willing to come to Epstein’s house didn’t need any convincing.

Epstein committed suicide on August 10, 2019, as he faced new charges for child sex trafficking. A judge dismissed the case against Epstein on August 29. But prosecutors are continuing to investigate the people around Epstein, including Robson, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff, Adriana Ross and Nadia Marcinkova, for potential charges, according to the New York Times.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Haley Robson Was First Recruited to Give Jeffrey Epstein a Massage at His Palm Beach Home

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Haley Robson was a student at Royal Palm Beach High School when she first met Jeffrey Epstein, according to an affidavit from the Palm Beach Police department (embedded above). She told police the first encounter occurred just after her 17th birthday.

Robson says she was approached by a classmate named Molly, who asked her if she’d like to earn some money by giving a massage to a billionaire. Robson told police in a sworn statement that she met Sarah Kellen the first time she went to Epstein’s house as well. She was taken to a room with a massage table and Epstein, wearing only a towel, came in and laid down naked on the table.

Robson explained, “He tried to touch me but I stopped him.” She said that she agreed to perform the massage naked, but refused to allow Epstein to touch her. Epstein paid Robson $200 for the massage.

2. Affidavit: Haley Robson Agreed to Bring Other Teenage Girls to Jeffrey Epstein in Exchange for Money But Denies Wrongdoing

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Haley Robson told Palm Beach police that Jeffrey Epstein acknowledged after that first massage that she had been uncomfortable with the situation. He offered her a different role: Robson said Epstein asked her to bring other teenage girls to him for massages.

Robson told police that she agreed and ultimately brought six girls to Epstein’s home. She explained that Epstein instructed her “the younger the better.” She added that she offered to bring over a 23-year-old woman and Epstein said the woman was too old. The other girls Robson recruited were between the ages of 14 and 16 at the time.

In 2008, Robson was named as a defendant, along with Epstein and Sarah Kellen, in a case filed in the Southern District of Florida. Prosecutors alleged that Kellen would contact Robson whenever Epstein traveled to Palm Beach and instruct her to bring a girl over. According to the document, Robson was accused of seeking out “economically disadvantaged underage girls from Loxahatchee and surrounding areas.”

3. Haley Robson Compared Herself to ‘Hollywood Madam’ Heidi Fleiss

Haley Robson told investigators in Palm Beach that she was upfront with the girls she brought to Jeffrey Epstein’s home. According to the affidavit embedded in the first graph of this article, Robson insisted that she told each girl what to expect: “they would provide a massage, possibly naked, and allow some touching.”

Robson allegedly boasted about the role she played for Epstein. After she was interviewed by Palm Beach police in 2005, she was recorded speaking with an officer who drove her home. She was heard on tape comparing herself to Heidi Fleiss, who is known as the “Hollywood Madam.”

4. The Final Girl Haley Robson Brought to Jeffrey Epstein Went to the Police; Robson Told Investigators She Stopped Working For Epstein After Her Parents Found out

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Haley Robson said she remembers bringing six girls to Jeffrey Epstein’s home. The final girl, identified only as “SG” in a probable cause affidavit, was 14 years old. The girl told police that Robson was her boyfriend’s cousin.

SG told police that Robson approached her about going over to Epstein’s home in February of 2005. She said she was aware at the time that Robson “worked for a wealthy man and did sexual favors for him.” She said Robson offered her an opportunity to make money.

SG explained that when they arrived, she met Sarah Kellen and was taken to a bedroom to give Epstein a massage. She says Epstein instructed her on how to rub him and demanded that she remove her clothes. She said that Epstein, while masturbating, also rubbed her vaginal area with a vibrator. SG said she was paid $300, and that Robson told her she had also received $200 for bringing her.

The victim and her father went to the police. In a taped phone conversation with Robson, SG asked what she would need to do to make more money in a second visit to Epstein’s house. Robson was heard telling her that “the more you do, the more you get paid.” It was after that phone call that investigators reached out to Robson for questioning, in October of 2005.

In addition to explaining how she became involved with Jeffrey Epstein and Sarah Kellen, Robson explained that she had stopped working for them. She said that “once her parents discovered that she was visiting Epstein, they disapproved of the encounters with him and she stopped.” Robson added that Kellen continued to call and would leave voicemails at the house even after Robson stopped recruiting girls.

5. Report: Haley Robson Went On to Work as a Stripper & Restaurant Worker

Haley Robson is now 33 years old and appears to have remained in Florida. The New York Times reported that Robson’s jobs as an adult have included working as a stripper and at the Olve Garden. She told the Times, “I have nothing to say. I would appreciate if I was not contacted.”

A search of online records brings up a Facebook page that appears to be Robson’s. The page states that she is working as a bartender and has a daughter.

She may have been alluding to the Jeffrey Epstein case in a post from May 8, 2019: “I think you have to be a VERY weak individual to gossip about someone’s past esp where you weren’t even around, but definitely a twat to spread rumors when you don’t even have the correct information or facts to go off. Wise individuals go to the horses mouth, twats speak without knowledge?##soontheworldwillbeinformedmystoryonedayatatime”

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