Longhorn Got Loose In Colorado Springs Plaza During Parade [Video]

Kerri Summey/Denver 7 News/Twitter

A longhorn got loose in a Colorado Springs plaza lobby during a parade Friday.

You can watch the video later in this post.

The charging longhorn had been a part of the Ride for the Brand Champion Ranch Rodeo cattle drive. The activities involve a cattle drive down the streets of Colorado Springs.

The parade is an opportunity for spectators to see real cowboys in action, but spectators weren’t expecting to get such an accurate depiction when ranchers roped a longhorn running into a lobby, charging toward a group of spectators.

The bull was meant to kickoff the rodeo. Instead it broke free and charged into the Gallery of Contemporary Art.

One of the longhorns broke free from the parade and charged onto the sidewalk, where a group of people was standing. It knocked over a baby stroller as a couple shielded a child in their arms and lumbered close beside them. People ran away from the longhorn, but several ended up in its path as it entered a plaza lobby with glass doors. A woman screamed, trying to dodge the bull. The longhorn was cut off by another set of doors and followed quickly by a cowboy on a horse, who who attempted to rope the bull. It’s unclear what happened immediately after that, as the video cut from the bull. Moments later, the bull emerged through a separate doorway with a rope around its neck. The rancher brought the lassoed bull back into the street, followed by a second cowboy who tossed a rope around the longhorn’s legs. The spectators cheered as cowboys wrangled the bull.


Another video shows people holding the doors shut as a cowboy lassos the bull in the art museum lobby. A woman inside the lobby with the bull and cowboy appears to jump onto something alongside the lobby walls, getting as far away from the bull and its horns as the cramped space would allow.

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