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Anthony Gumina, 44, the estranged husband of Heather Gumina, 33, was charged with her murder on September 6 after Heather’s remains were discovered in Pleasant Valley, California. Heather, who also went by the name Heather Gumina Waters, went missing on July 16, just four months after the couple had married.

Gumina has been charged with murder in the first degree, domestic violence and violation of probation. He is currently being held at the Placerville jail.

According to a Facebook post by the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office, Gumina was arrested on an outstanding no-bail warrant for domestic violence. “The missing person case of Heather Gumina has transitioned into a homicide investigation.”

The statement went on to say that El Dorado County detectives simultaneously conducted a search warrant in the Pleasant Valley area of El Dorado County. “During the search, detectives located what is believed to be the remains of Heather Gumina.”

Here’s what you need to know about Anthony Gumina and the disappearance of Heather Gumina.

1. Heather Gumina Went Missing After a Fight With her Husband

There were initial reports that Heather, 33, left the couple’s Placerville, California home, after a fight. Family members grew increasingly concerned when there was no word from Heather, who had recently been hospitalized for a broken collarbone. “It’s very unlike her to not contact anyone,” Heather Gumina’s mother Joanna Russell told KTXL, explaining that her daughter had been in a lot of pain.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page stated that Heather was reported missing three days after she was last seen and was likely driving a 2005 black Infiniti coupe with pink bow stickers. The abandoned car was recovered in August however, law enforcement refused to reveal where the car was located.

After Heather went missing, Anthony Gumina insisted that he had nothing to do with her disappearance and that he’d been looking for his wife every day. Heather’s friend, Kathy Schneider, disputed his story. “He’s not helping with the search efforts and he’s not in our search group,” she said.

2. Heather Had Called the Police Last February Regarding a Domestic Violence Incident

In February 2019, police responded to a domestic violence call when Heather told authorities Anthony had head-butted her. During the altercation, Heather also said Gumina attempted to prevent her from phoning the police.

Anthony Gumina called the incident “a misunderstanding” and said he’d tried to stop Heather from placing the call because he had a prior criminal record and thought she was just trying to send him back to jail.

Daily Mail TV reported that a blood test performed on Gumina immediately after the incident determined that he had methamphetamine and opiates in his system.

3. Anthony Gumina Had Previously Been Arrested With His Father

Anthony Gumina is no stranger to law enforcement. Gumina is convicted felon who was serving a five-year probation term for burglary and witness intimidation. The conviction stemmed from an incident where Gumina and his father John were arrested on June 19, 2016, according to an El Dorado Sheriff’s Office Facebook post.

John Gumina was arrested on a burglary warrant while son Anthony was arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of six guns, one of which was stolen. Anthony Gumina was also in possession of high-capacity magazines and methamphetamine. “Happy Father’s Day, gentlemen,” the Sheriff’s Office post concluded.

Gumina’s father John Gumina died in June 2018 when his Harley-Davidson veered out of its lane and collided with an oncoming vehicle.

4. Anthony Gumina Filed a Restraining Order Against Heather One Week After She Went Missing

Husband Of Missing El Dorado County Woman Arrested On Suspicions Of MurderAnthony Gumina was arrested on September 6 after detectives located what is believed to be the remains of his wife Heather Gumina.2019-09-08T05:47:49.000Z

On July 23, approximately one week after Heather went missing, Anthony Gumina filed a restraining order against Heather, claiming she’d been violent with him on the same day of her disappearance. He stated that Heather’s mother had witnessed the episode. “[Heather] punched me right in the face,” he wrote in his police narrative, but noted on the document that police had not been called to their home.

Gumina wrote that Heather had also attacked him in May 2019. “She socked me in mouth while driving home and almost wrecked truck off road.”

During the search for Heather, Gumina told Daily Mail TV., “she has her dark side and she has her wife side. I probably shouldn’t say much more than that out of respect for her.”

Despite the accusations, Gumia said he hoped for Heather’s safe return. “I want her to just show up and be O.K. and for everything to be alright,” he said after Heather vanished. “I didn’t do anything [to her]. I married her because I love her.”

“Look, this marriage is not going to work out but I would never do anything [to harm her]. I’m a lover. I’m not that kind of guy.” He added that sheriff’s deputies “were, here for like, 30 hours,” that they took his car and walked his entire property. “I don’t deserve this,” he said.

5. Heather Gumina Was Turning Her Life Around After Several Arrests

Heather had a previous history of substance abuse, several burglary convictions and a DUI. But family and friends said she was turning her life arund. On September 21, 2018, Heather posted a letter from the El Dorado County Probation Department notifying her that she’d completed probation. “Best paper I have ever received!! ;) free and clear now!,” she wrote.

Heather’s mother spoke with KTXL after detectives announced that Heather’s remains were likely found. “I miss my daughter,” she said wiping away tears. “It’s going to be very hard to be without her but I know that she’s in heaven.”

Heather leaves behind a 14-year-old daughter, and two sons, ages 13 and four.