WATCH: Jorge Manalang Stops Out-of-Control Cart at O’Hare Airport

Dr. Kevin Klauer Beverage cart stopped at O'Hare Airport by Jorge Manalang

Video of an absolutely out-of-control beverage cart running wild at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport went viral on Monday. Captured by Dr. Kevin Klauer, the cart appears to have a mind of its own, spinning around in violent circles, so nearly hitting workers on the runway, and inching closer to crashing into the parked airplane with each lap.

The unmanned beverage cart appears as if it’s going to have a head on collision with the parked American Airlines aircraft, which is still in the process of boarding, as the seemingly possessed vehicle continues to whip around in turns,  doing donuts on the runway. The spinning vehicle sends crates of soda, beer, and wine exploding as they crash on the ground.

While most grounds workers on the runway were stunned by what they were watching, and were understandably scared to act while on foot, an airport worker came to save the day in a cart of his own.

Identified by Adrian Gaulito on Facebook as Jorge Manalang, the airport hero drives his loading cart right into the psycho beverage cart, which was now just inches from smashing into the airplane. Manalang, however, was able to crash into the beverage cart at exactly the right angle, which caused the untamed cart to pitch over on its side, forcing the cart into a final stop — all without one person getting injured in the process.

Look at this out of control beverage cart at Chicago's O'Hare Airport few hours ago.2019-10-01T04:29:46.000Z

After the video made its rounds online, racking up millions of views within hours, American Airlines put on an official statement on the matter. They said, “We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle. Safety is our top priority and we are working with our partners to investigate the incident.”

The scene appeared to be absolutely crazy for those watching from inside O’Hare Airport. Even Dr. Kevin Klauer, who captured the incident on camera can be heard saying, “It’s gonna hit the airplane. Here it goes!”

Jorge Manalang

But after Manalang swings in with his loading cart and topples the out-of-control vehicle down, you can hear the on-lookers break into an applause. “That’s how you do it!” Klauer can be heard saying in the video, as people cheer Manalang’s heroic efforts on.

The incident also didn’t cause much of a delay for those on board. The American Airlines flight only experienced a 10 minute delay.

So, What Happened Exactly?

The Chicago Department of Aviation referred The Washington Post to speak with American Airlines for comment, and their PR team said they are currently “investigating an incident involving a catering truck. Preliminary reports indicate that the accelerator became stuck and caused the catering cart to lose control. No American Airlines team members were injured and the incident resulted in one 10 minute flight delay.”

If seeing an unmanned motorized cart that appears to have a mind of its own seems familiar, perhaps, you saw the runaway golf cart from 2011, which mowed down a slew of people at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Runaway golf cart mows down celebrating coach after football championship win, TexasAn unmanned, electric golf cart ploughed into a crowd at a football game, injuring the head coach and several supporters. The incident happened during celebrations at the end of the high school championship football game after Spring Dekaney beat Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola was…2011-12-18T20:57:33.000Z

After the high school Class 5A Division II Championship Game, in which Spring Dekaney beat Cibolo Steele 34-14, the seemingly magic golf cart plowed through field, and injured Dekaney’s head coach, Willie Amendola, who was in the middle of interview when the cart knocked him down.

In the case of the runaway golf cart, the cause was due a field marker getting caught in the accelerator.

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