Is Pat Cipollone Married? Yes, to Wife Rebecca

Pat Cipollone wife Rebecca

Getty Pat and Rebecca Cipollone in September 2019

Rebecca Sue Thelen Cipollone is married to former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. He served during President Donald Trump’s administration and is now back in private practice as a partner at Ellis George Cipollone O’Brien Annaguey LLP.

President Trump once described Cipollone, whose full legal name is Pasquale Anthony Cipollone, as a “strong, silent type,” per the Associated Press. That is an apt description of Cipollone, who is not known to conduct interviews.

Here’s what you need to know about Mrs. Cipollone.

Rebecca & Pat Cipollone Have 10 Children & Live Near Washington, D.C.

Rebecca and Pat Cipollone have 10 children in total. The New York Times reported that as of October 2019, their youngest was 10 years old. As of January 2020, their oldest daughter was 27. The Cipollones are practicing Catholics, as Heavy previously reported.

Pat and Rebecca Cipollone

Montgomery County Property Tax

The Cipollones raised their children in a suburb of Washington, D.C, as his former law firm noted in a feature about him. The article referred to Pat Cipollone’s wife by a nickname, Becky.

According to property tax records in Montgomery County, Maryland, Pat and Rebecca purchased their home between 2001 and 2002. Rebecca has been listed as the sole “trustee” of the property since 2008.

A follow-up search of the home on Zillow (which we are not linking to in this article) shows that the house was purchased for $805,000 in February of 2002. As of January 2020, the home’s estimated value was about $1.5 million.

Rebecca Cipollone Is Listed as an Officer In Her Family’s Foundation, Which Is Headquartered In Florida

rebecca cipollone foundation

Florida Department of StateThe George J. and Mary Susan Thelen Family Foundation

Rebecca Cipollone, like her husband, has kept a very low profile online and on social media. A search of online records does not list where she went to school, does not bring up any professional licenses, and does not list any potential businesses she may have been involved with or owned.

But one organization does come up: The George J. and Mary Susan Thelen Family Foundation, Inc. According to public records, Cipollone’s parents, George and Mary, created the organization in 1994 in Longboat Key, Florida. Cipollone and her siblings are listed as officers along with their parents.

It is listed as a non-profit charitable organization. ProPublica notes that donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. But it’s unclear what type of charity work the Thelen family focuses on. The Foundation doesn’t appear to have a website or publicize its donations.

According to a list of non-profit organizations in Longboat Key, the George J. and Mary Susan Thelen Family Foundation has more than $20,000 in assets. Its “principal activities” are described as “Gifts, grants, or loans to other organizations.”

Rebecca Cipollone’s Father Ran an Engineering Firm Near Covington, Kentucky

Crestview Hills to Covington KY

Google Maps

Rebecca Sue Thelen Cipollone is the daughter of a retired business owner. Her father, George Thelen, studied civil engineering at Notre Dame, graduating in 1961. Ten years later, he became the president of a civil engineering firm called Thelen Associates.

According to his LinkedIn page, George Thelen stayed at the firm until retiring to Florida. (The company was acquired by Geotechnology, Inc in 2015).

Thelen Associates was based in Erlanger, and Mr. Thelen listed his hometown as the bordering city of Crestview Hills, Kentucky, on his Facebook page. Both cities are located a few miles southwest of Covington, Kentucky.

It’s possible Rebecca and Pat Cipollone may have met while they were high school students. He graduated from the all-boys Covington Catholic High School in 1984.

Rebecca and Pat were both born in 1966, within a week of each other (she in April and him in May). It’s probable that they graduated high school in the same year and may have socialized with some of the same people, given the short distance between Covington and Crestview Hills.

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