What Time is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2 Released on Netflix?

To All The Boys 2

Getty CCO of Netflix Ted Sarandos, Michael Fimognari, Jordan Fisher, Lana Condor, Jenny Han, Noah Centineo, and Matt Kaplan attend the premiere of Netflix's "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You."

The highly anticipated sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, entitled To All the Boys: PS I Love You, is finally coming out on Netflix, just in time for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

The streaming platform releases To All the Boys 2 at 12am PST, or 3am EST. This means that, for those who live in the central timezone, the movie will be available for streaming at 2am.

According to IMDb, the official logline for the sequel movie reads “Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.” Lana Condor returns as Lara Jean and Noah Centineo reprises his role as Peter; joining the cast as Lara Jean’s old crush John Ambrose McClaren is Hamilton‘s Jordan Fisher.

To promote the show, Netflix encouraged fans to tweet “#TeamPeter” or “#TeamJohn.”

‘To All the Boys 2’ Places Lara Jean in a Love Triangle With Peter & John

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While To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before focused on the developing romance between Peter and Lara Jean, the sequel promises to introduce John Ambrose McClaren, one of Lara Jean’s old crushes from her letter-writing days, into the mix as a potential new love interest and threat to Peter.

In an interview with Variety, Lana Condor revealed that many people have been asking her “Are you Team Peter or Team John?” ahead of the sequel. In response, she said “I think that Peter is a guy that you date and John is the guy that you marry, for sure.”

Before Its Official Release, the Sequel Was Met With Mixed Reviews

On Rotten Tomatoes, To All the Boys 2 was 76% fresh ahead of its official release date and time; the critics consensus was that “To All the Boys: P.S. I Love You may feel like little more than an amiable postscript to its predecessor, but fans of the original should still find this a swoonworthy sequel.”

AV Club gave a luke-warm review of the movie, writing “At times, P.S. I Still Love You seems as anxious about its relationship to its devoted fanbase as Lara Jean seems about hers with Peter. As such, it’s too frequently toothless,” later adding that the sequel “doesn’t tarnish the original, but it never quite rises to its heights either.

Variety‘s review of the movie shared a similar opinion that the storyline of To All the Boys 2 is more for the fans than anything else: “If ‘To All the Boys’ was a frank and contemporary spin on the teenage rom-com, then ‘P.S. I Still Love You’ is pure fan service.” Continuing to criticize the sequel, the review says “The trouble with ‘P.S. I Still Love You’ is that nearly all the reasons that Lara Jean makes such a refreshingly different romantic lead are contained in the earlier film, and here, she’s reduced to a version of the passive Disney princess, trying to decide between two dudes who both think she’s swell.”

Netflix has already ordered a third To All the Boys film, but its release date has not yet been announced.

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