Joe Rogan: I’d Rather Vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden

Joe Rogan

Getty Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan said he rather vote for President Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan said he would vote for President Donald Trump over former Vice President Joe Biden during a segment of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Rogan has been an open supporter of Biden’s competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders is continuing with his campaign even though Biden has a large lead over the senator.

“I’d rather vote for Trump than [Biden],” he said on his Friday show. “I don’t think he can handle anything. You’re relying entirely on his cabinet.”

Rogan continued:

“If you want to talk about an individual leader who can communicate, he can’t do that. And we don’t know what the fuck he’ll be like after a year in office. The pressure of being President of the United States is something than no one has ever prepared for. The only one who seems to be fine with it is Trump, oddly enough. He doesn’t seem to be aging at all or in any sort of decline. Obama, almost immediately, started looking older. George W. [Bush], almost immediately, started looking older.”

Rogan Says Trump Would Eat Biden Alive

In a potential matchup, Rogan said Trump would defeat Biden. “You have to be able to call out shit that’s wrong on your side,” Rogan said. “And this is one of the problems that the Democratic Party is having right now with this Joe Biden guy… You guys got to be able to call it out. You can’t let this slide, because everybody else sees it and Trump is going to eat him alive. He’s going to eat that guy alive.”

“The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking,” Rogan said, referring to some of Biden’s gaffes.

In January, Rogan announced he would likely vote for Sanders. “I imagine I am going to most likely vote for Bernie,” he said. “He’s been insanely dependable his overall existence. He’s fundamentally been saying the exact same issue, been for the same thing his total everyday living. And that in and of alone is a quite effective structure to work from.”

Sanders shared the endorsement from Rogan, but faced backlash for past comments Rogan made that were considered transphobic by some Sanders supporters.

The senator addressed the backlash through a statement from his national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray. Sanders did not denounce Rogan or his support. “The truth is that standing together in solidarity, we share the values of love and respect that will move us in the direction of a more humane, more equal world,” she said.

Gray added: “Sharing a big tent requires including those who do not share every one of our beliefs, while always making clear that we will never compromise our values.”

Rogan Didn’t Immediately Address the Attention

The following day, Rogan’s name became a top-trending Twitter topic, where people on the social media site discussed his comments. The comedian and podcaster didn’t immediately respond to the chatter about his show.

The night before, he posted a photo of weights at the gym. “Business as usual with Kong and Bigfoot. I feel very fortunate that I’m healthy enough to get,” he wrote Friday.

While most people were discussing what Rogan said about Trump and Biden, the podcaster had mathematician and economist Eric Weinstein on his show, where they also talked about the coronavirus pandemic.

“great time talking about all sorts of interesting shit with my brilliant friend @ericrweinstein. The last 40 minutes are such a mind f— that I’m going to have to re-listen at least a dozen times and take notes, and even then I’m sure I won’t really understand 1/10th of what the f— he’s saying,” Rogan wrote on Instagram Friday. “Always a pleasure either way!”

Joe Rogan on Joe Biden's Speaking Problems "Trumps Going to Eat Him Alive"Taken from JRE #1448 w/Joey Diaz:

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