WATCH: Tornado & Rainbow Touch Down In Madill, Oklahoma

Madill tornado

Catoosa PD via Twitter Tornado in Madill, Oklahoma on April 22, 2020.

A series of severe thunderstorms in Oklahoma developed into a tornado on Wednesday afternoon in Springer and then Madill around 5 p.m. local time. Photos and videos of the twister were shared on social media where users online were able to see a rainbow appear alongside the tornado as the storm proceeded to cross over Highway 377.

The incredible sight went viral Twitter, as did videos of the tornado touching down on the ground in broad daylight. While the tornado and rainbow made for a stunning and rare view, it was still a tragic storm. According to Oklahoma News 4, the Marshall County Emergency Management reported that one person has died as a result of the tornado in Madill.

Images shared online show the depth and size of the tornado which crossed through Madill. Emergency management is currently checking for structural damage across the area. Authorities are also checking for any reports of serious injury.

Madill is a city located in Marshall County, which is about 100 miles southeast from Oklahoma City. According to Population World View, Madill has a population of around 4,000 people. Before Wednesday, only four tornados have touched down in Oklahoma all year.

Photos Shared Online Show Structural Damage to Local Businesses

KFOR reporter Taylor Adams tweeted, “We’re hearing reports of lots of damage. Officials say it is a hectic scene.” Residents are encouraged not to leave their homes in the aftermath of a storm to allow emergency responders to scan the area first. Thus far, it appears Oklahoma Steel and Wire suffered damage from the storm.

One user online showed that J & I Manufacturing was hit by the tornado, but thankfully, no employees were harmed.

Another local resident reported losing power in the area, but that “everyone is safe. Praying for all our neighbors and families because we know not everyone was as lucky.”

The Madill Tornado Touched Ground Amid a Severe Hail Storm

In the stunning video below, it’s possible to hear the hail storm taking place in Madill as the tornado passed through the area.

Accuweather tweeted, “Hailstones as large as baseballs have also hammered part of the region.” Severe thunderstorms were reported south of Oklahoma City, along state Interstate 35, which preempted the hailstorm.

Earlier In the Day, A Tornado Touched Down In Springer, Oklahoma

The tornado which touched down in Madill was the second twister to pass through Oklahoma on Thursday. According to KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan, a tornado touched down near Springer around 4:20 p.m. local time. Springer is located northwest of Madill, about 36 miles away.

It’s a trying time for the state of Oklahoma, which like the rest of the world, is fighting the pandemic spread of coronavirus. On March 24, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt ordered all non-essential businesses to shut down through April 30. According to KOKO News 5, there are 2,894 positive COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma as of Wednesday, with 170 deaths reported from coronavirus complications.

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