13 Shot at Memorial for Missing Man Who Was Found Murdered

Bogalusa Police Department Thirteen people were shot at a gathering of over 100 people who were together to remember Dominque James, a Louisiana man who was found murdered after being missing for six days.

In the latest twist to the ongoing case of Louisiana man Dominique James, 13 people were shot during a May 16 memorial gathering for the 29-year-old who was found dead on May 8 after being missing for six days.

According to the Bogalusa Police Department, James had been missing since May 2. He was last seen after leaving his home to pick up a four-wheeler. Police say it was around noon when he went to an unknown location in his white GMC Yukon Denali, towing a trailer.

On May 8, James’ body was found in his car in a wooded area a few miles west of Bogalusa, according to local news station WDSU.

A memorial service was held for James on May 16. It was an unofficial gathering,  according to the Associated Press, since crowds are prohibited right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, police said there was an “extremely large crowd of people gathered” to remember James when they arrived at the scene to respond to reports of gunshots fired.

“The best we can tell is a car drove by and shots were fired and it was pure chaos from there,” Bogalusa Police Maj. Troy Tervalon told the AP.

According to Bogalusa police, 13 people had been shot and one was in critical condition. No eye-witnesses have come forward with any information about who opened fire at the funeral, they said in a statement posted on May 17.

The investigation is open and active, so investigators are not releasing much information to the public regarding the murder or the subsequent shooting, but they told the AP that the scene was so chaotic with about 150 people there that shooting victims ended up going to different hospitals. Police were still working on interviewing them all.

Police Are Looking for the Person Who Killed James & Whoever Was Involved in the Drive-By Shooting

On May 6, police issued a plea for help from the public on Facebook for anyone to come forward with information on where James or his vehicle could be.

On May 7, Bogalusa PD updated their FB post saying, “We ask that if you find his vehicle, or him personally, that you don’t allow anyone to touch ANYTHING, including him, and immediately notify the police department. If anyone touches anything or moves anything, it may destroy valuable evidence in our investigation.”

By May 9, a new post offered condolences for the James family, and police asked the public to come forward with any information about what happened to Dominique “Nekie” James.

On May 17, police issued their statement about the shooting at James’ memorial the night before, asking anyone with information to call police headquarters at  985-732-3611 or detectives division at 985-732-6240.

James Leaves Behind 5 Children

According to James’ obituary, he was part of a big family and father to five children. His family said, “he was notably known for riding his motorbike and four-wheeler, and making sure he was looking his very best.” They also said he enjoyed fishing, hunting, and archery.

James was engaged to be married, the obituary said.

He was born and raised in Bogalusa, which is a town near the border of Mississippi of just over 12,000 people, according to the U.S. census.

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