London Miner: Video of Idaho Woman Hitting Dog While Boxing Is Being Investigated

London Miner

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A woman from Idaho named London Miner is currently being investigated after she posted a video on Snapchat of her punching her dog while wearing boxing gloves. The controversial video went viral on May 4, with many viewers calling it animal abuse.

According to the Idaho Humane Society, the organization that launched the investigation, its “Animal Care and Control office [received] an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails” after the video went viral. Miner was interviewed by a Humane Officer who works for the organization, and the investigation is currently pending review by the prosecutor’s office, according to the society.

Here’s what you need to know about London Miner:

1. Miner Posted a Video of Her Boxing Her German Shepherd, Punching Her Dog in the Head 10 Times

Video of girl punching dog sparks investigationThe Idaho Humane Society launched an investigation after this video began circulating on social media.2020-05-05T17:47:56.000Z


Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Miner posted the video of her punching the male German shepherd 10 times in the head.

At the start of the clip, an individual in the background said, “We’re boxing animals. Where’s Sarah McLachlan?” McLachlan, a Canadian singer-songwriter, is a famous animal rights activist and has been part of many end-animal-cruelty commercials.

At the end of the video, Miner landed a punch to the dog that made him yelp. She said, “I hit him so hard I felt that through …” The video then ended abruptly.

The video went viral on social media on May 4, prompting the Idaho Humane Society to launch an investigation.

2. Miner Is Currently Being Investigated for Animal Abuse & May Face a Misdemeanor Charge

On May 4, the Idaho Humane Society announced on its Facebook page that the organization has officially launched an investigation as a result of the video. The organization stated:

This morning the individual was identified and we sent a Humane Officer to discuss the situation. The investigation is currently pending review at the local prosecutor’s office for a charging decision.

If the prosecutor’s office does decide to press charges, it may be for 25-3518. BEATING AND HARASSING ANIMALS. The society said in the Facebook post:

Every person who cruelly whips, beats or otherwise maliciously treats any animal, or maliciously harasses with a dog any cattle, horses, sheep, hogs or other livestock shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be punished in accordance with section 25-3520A, Idaho Code.

That misdemeanor charge carries a maximum six-month prison sentence and up to a $5,000 fine, according to the Idaho Statesman.

3. She Said That Her Dog ‘Never got hurt’ When She Punched Him

According to a report from Too Fab, Miner defended her actions and said that her dog didn’t get hurt. She said, “He plays hard. A girl gunna hit him a little bit and you guys wanna press some girl hitting him with gloves.”

Miner also said that her dog “never got hurt and was playing the entire time. I’d never let my dog get hurt.”

She continued, “I do what I do with my dog. He thinks it’s a game was he hurt at all in the video or at all? He’s literally laying with me in bed.”

According to a screenshot of another chat, Miner said, “He is my dog. He plays ruff and loves playing. I’m the same weight as him. U really think I’m strong enough to hurt him? No.”

The individual in the conversation replied, “That doesn’t look good and you know that.” Miner replied, “Do u think I care.”

Heavy reached out to Miner for a statement but did not immediately hear back.

4. Miner Has Been Subjected to a Lot of Outrage on Social Media Since the Video Went Viral

Since the video went viral, Miner has received a lot of criticism online. Many people have said she abused her German shepherd and the dog should be removed from her possession.

A Twitter user said, “This is London Miner (Boise, ID). London is an Instagram “influencer”. She also loves punching her dog savagely. Don’t be like London.”

Another user tweeted:

They said, “The person behind the camera is just as sick! London Miner I hope this video ruins you and lands your dog with a wonderful human who will treasure it like it deserves! I actually want to cry, I hate people sometimes.”

One Twitter user posted:

They said, “I won’t retweet the video. You can look it up if you need to see it. The only thing that matters is that she needs her dog taken from her. This is London Miner (Boise, ID). Idaho Humane Society is investigating. She should be charged with animal cruelty & dog should be removed.”

5. Her Father is Aaron Miner, a Police Officer in Ada County

Back to School SafetySchool Resource Officers Mark Hudson, Dennis Laurance and Aaron Miner talk about how to keep your kids safe this school year.2015-09-03T14:57:20.000Z

Miner’s father is Aaron Miner, a police officer in Idaho. Aaron has worked for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office for over a decade. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is the largest local law enforcement agency in Idaho, according to its official LinkedIn profile. The office patrols Ada County and the cities of Kuna, Eagle and Star.

Aaron’s first role with the sheriff’s office was a School Resource Officer at Eagle High from 2005 to 2016. He is currently a patrol deputy, a role he has played since 2005 as well.  Aaron was an infantry platoon sergeant for the United States Army.

In a Facebook comment, Aaron defended his daughter’s action. He said:

Dog is good. [Lodon] is getting threatened like you wouldn’t believe. That dog beats the crap out of our dogs and they all play much harder than that. It’s very silly. But now we are all dealing with people threatening to come to my house and “cut” [and] “f*** her up.”

Heavy has reached out to Aaron for a statement about the incident surrounding his daughter but did not immediately hear back.

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