See Photos of the Damaged, Looted Businesses in Minneapolis

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Getty This photo shows damage to the AutoZone in Minneapolis.

Fire officials say they responded to 16 structure fires on the evening of May 27, 2020 as unrest erupted in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota over the death of George Floyd. That’s only the beginning of the damage, though, as other businesses were looted but not burned. Damaged businesses included a local Target store, a Cub Food store, and smaller businesses like Town Talk Diner.

Below you can see a list of some of the looted and burned businesses, along with photos and videos showing the damage. In addition to the 16 structure fires, the fire chief said in a news conference that firefighters went on several other fire-related runs.

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Medaria Arradondo, the police chief, expressed sorrow for the devastation caused to Floyd’s family and the community by his death. He said, though, that he won’t allow the destruction of businesses, calling them “vital to the health of our community.” The mayor, Jacob Frey, echoed that sentiment, saying that the city’s businesses are “essential pieces for our community that we’re going to need.”

Outside one pawn and jewelry shop, a man lost his life to a gunshot wound. The Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry owner, John Rieple, is in custody on a murder accusation, and police say they’re investigating whether he shot and killed a suspected looter as one of several theories for the man’s death. They wouldn’t describe the others.

There were also burnt cars in the streets.

Here’s a list of some of the property damage as of May 28, 2020.

Dollar Tree

Several Dollar Tree stores were reportedly damaged.

Wendy’s Restaurant

The Wendy’s Restaurant was completely destroyed, according to photos.


Numerous videos showed the Target store was looted.

Town Talk Diner

Miguel Otárola, a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter, wrote on Twitter, “Charles Stotts took me inside Town Talk Diner, which he has owned on Lake Street for four years. It’s destroyed.”

Charles Sotts, the co-owner, told the Star Tribune, “I, as much as anybody, understand the need for the protest that was happening, and I, as much as anybody, understand the degree of anger and the degree of frustration and everything that was happening — because I was angry and I was frustrated with it, too. I just don’t understand how that spills over into buildings. How does the rage turn to our small little community businesses? I won’t ever understand.”

“We have no words. Godspeed, Minneapolis,” the diner wrote on its Facebook page.

Minnehaha Lake Wine and Spirits, Minneapolis

The store was looted, pictures show.

An Affordable Housing Development

Cub Foods

This journalist captured the inside of Cub Foods:

Apple Store


Cadillac Pawn & Jewelry

This is the store where police say they are investigating whether the owner shot and killed a suspected looter, among other theories. Videos from the scene also show that it was looted.

Gandhi Mahal restaurant

Photographer Tony Webster wrote of the Gandhi Mahal restaurant, “Gandhi Mahal restaurant, with a ‘minority owned’ banner on it, appears to have only broken glass.”

U.S. Bank

Both a U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo building suffered damage.

Graffiti was scrawled on the U.S. Bank building.

ICC Wireless Cell Phone Store


Videos showed the damage to the AutoZone.

According to Carlos Gonzalez, a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter: “A fire was started at AutoZone. Some protesters attempted to extinguish it some posed for photos.”

There was a major fire at the AutoZone.


There was a clean-up effort underway.

Police Precinct

Birchwood Cafe

See more damaged businesses here.

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