WATCH: Woman Refuses to Wear a Mask at Gelson’s in California in Viral Video

Shelley Lewis Refuses to Wear Mask in Store

Twitter A Gelson's Market employee asks Shelley Lewis to wear a mask.

A video went viral on Sunday afternoon of a California woman named Shelley Lewis refusing to wear a mask at a Gelson’s market. The incident took place in Dana Point, a city in Orange County. Gelson’s requires all employees and customers to wear masks while inside the store.

Lewis recorded a video of her refusing to wear a mask and she then shared it on Facebook.

After posting the video, Lewis received backlash online and the video started trending on Twitter. Since the video became viral, Lewis has deleted the video from her Facebook page and deactivated her account. Here is a video of the incident:

Lewis Believes She Was Being Discriminated Against & She Is Going to File a Lawsuit Against Gelson’s

At the start of the video, Lewis speaks with a Gelson’s staff member who is wearing a mask. The employee informs Lewis that she needs to wear a mask while shopping in the grocery store and that the business can provide her with a mask if she doesn’t have one.

Lewis tells the employee that she needs to speak with a manager. When the manager approaches, Lewis says she has a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. The manager then offers to do her shopping for her, but Lewis says she has private items she needs to buy and she doesn’t want to give him her credit card.

The manager informs Lewis that he cannot let her in the store without a mask due to company policy. She then says that the manager is discriminating against her and Gelson’s is “going to get a lawsuit.”

The manager then gives Lewis a business card for her to call the corporate office. Once she receives the card, she leaves and finishes recording.

Lewis Has Been Advocating on Social Media Against COVID-19 Regulations

Lewis has been actively advocating on Facebook against COVID-19 coronavirus regulations. In one post, Lewis shared a “Do’s and Dont’s” list for the Salt Creek Beach with the caption, “So glad people are not complying with these stupid unconstitutional ‘rules’.”

A Twitter user named Stephen Pearce shared multiple screenshots of Lewis’ recent Facebook posts.

Another user posted:

Lewis Is a Flat Earth Conspiracy ‘Truther’

Lewis has a biography on the official Flat Earth International Conferences. It states:

Shelley Lewis is a passionate truther, a licensed holistic health practitioner, a certified lymphologist, a vegan chef, photographer, and co-director and co-producer of The Plane Truth Documentary. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, where she entertained hopes of becoming an AstroNOT. … She began her long quest for answers after being honorably discharged from the Military with a medical condition.

According to her biography, Lewis served in the United States Army for five years, where she became a paratrooper. After being diagnosed with lupus, she was discharged. She is the co-executive producer of The Plane Truth, which is scheduled to come out sometime in 2020.

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