WATCH: Police Shoot Man in Car Near Lowe’s in Prince George County, Virginia

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Police shot a 20-year-old black man in his car near a Lowe’s in Prince George County, Virginia, on Wednesday evening while attempting to arrest the man on a warrant, they told local news channel WRIC. The outlet reported that the man survived with non-life-threatening injuries after being hit with one of about five shots fired near Puddledock Road and Advantage Drive in Prince George, near the Lowes Home Improvement center, around 4 p.m.

Video of the shooting has since been shared on Facebook and viewed tens of thousands of times. Police have not disclosed the identity of the suspect they shot or the severity of his injuries but have said he’s expected to survive.

Journalist Brandon Jarvis was one of the first to share news of the shooting. He tweeted, ”Police officers just shot a man inside of his car in the Prince George Lowe’s parking lot off of Puddledock road.” He then posted an eyewitness video of what had happened, which you can see below.

WARNING: This video below is graphic and shows the victim on the ground bleeding. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Shows Multiple Police Officers Approaching the Car & Multiple Gunshots Can be Heard

The video of the incident lasts more than fourteen minutes and shows multiple police approaching a car on a grassy embankment with a Lowe’s in the background. Multiple shots are fired. The video then pans away from the car as the person taking the video moves closer to the scene of the shooting. The video then shows a black man bleeding on the grass next to the car as one of the officers appears to place a tourniquet around the man’s arm.

“That’s a brother,” someone says in the video, again and again.

“Does he need CPR?” someone else says.

The rest of the video mostly shows grass and movement, but you can see and hear an ambulance arriving, as well as near-constant commentary by a growing crowd of people who arrive on the scene.

And here is the video of the eyewitness account, shared by Jarvis:

The eyewitness said “like 15 cops all with rifles” came up to the car after it stopped on the embankment. “And then,” he said, mimicking a gun, “three shots.” The man said the car was not moving at the time shots were fired.

Police Say the Victim Was Wanted on Gun & Drug Charges; the Shooting Happened When He Tried to Flee Arrest, They Say

WRIC reported that the shooting victim, whom they identified as being from Colonial Heights, was wanted on an arrest warrant from the city of Petersburg “and was also the subject of an on-going investigation out of Prince George County” that “involved guns, drugs and a prior high-speed police chase.”

WRIC said Prince George County Police Chief Keith Early indicated a gun was found in the victim’s vehicle. He told reporters that the Virginia State Police are investigating and the officers involved have been placed on leave.

According to WRIC, the Virginia State Police released a statement Wednesday night, saying:

At approximately 4:05 p.m., Prince George County Police officers were conducting an investigative operation in a parking lot in the 2000 block of Waterside Road. The officers had positioned their vehicles around the Dodge Charger to effect an arrest, when the driver of the Dodge began ramming the police vehicles. The Dodge was able to push its way out and fled the parking lot. The Dodge came through an intersection, hit a stop sign, and then spun up an embankment. When officers pursued the vehicle on foot, the vehicle attempted to charge the officers. The officers fired at the vehicle, striking the windshield and the driver, a 20-year-old male from Colonial Heights, Va.

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