COVID-19 Second Stimulus Check: Here’s How People Feel About It

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Getty Will there be a second COVID-19 stimulus check, but what would it look like, and what is the HEALS Act?

As the legislative process around potentially issuing another round of stimulus checks has stalled in Congress, most Americans are desperately hoping those checks will arrive in their mailboxes soon, according to multiple polls.

On June 22, President Trump committed to providing Americans with a “very generous” second round of stimulus checks, the Miami Herald reported and a Democratic plan called the HEROES Act – which has passed the House and is waiting on the Senate – would provide more funds for stimulus checks.

However, neither has yet to come to fruition, as polls from WalletHub to Quinnipiac University show broad support for a second round of stimulus checks and a dire need for those funds to cover Americans’ basic expenses.

Multiple Surveys Show That Most Americans Support Another Round of Stimulus Checks

In April, WalletHub conducted a Coronavirus Relief Survey of 350 people and found that 84% of respondents were in favor of receiving another round of stimulus checks.

When respondents were asked in the survey what the most effective way to help people would be, 65% said stimulus checks and a combined 69% said they would use the funds to pay for housing (43%) or food (26%). Half of the respondents said small businesses need the money more than consumers and 70% said the federal government should only distribute stimulus checks to businesses that have suffered.

WalletHub’s results showing most Americans favor providing another stimulus check are not unique.

The New York Immigration Coalition also conducted its own survey, in which 77% of New Yorkers said they supported a second economic impact or stimulus check to families who make less than $99,000. In the same survey, 64% of New Yorkers didn’t think that Congress hadn’t done enough to ease the financial strain that COVID-19 has caused Americans and small businesses.

And in a recent Quinnipiac poll, 62% of respondents who were asked the question, “Do you think Congress should pass another stimulus bill to address the economic impact of the coronavirus, or do you think Congress has done enough to address the economic impact of the coronavirus?” said they believed Congress should pass another bill.

Some polls show that Americans want the government to go even farther on relief; a OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults found that 80% of adults believed that citizens should be able to receive monthly stimulus checks until the outbreak is over.

Most Americans Say Stimulus Check Funds Would Be Spent On Necessities

A Money/Morning Consult poll found that many Americans say they need another stimulus check to cover essential expenses, such as housing (mortgage and rent, e.g.) and food, reported.

According to the poll, 42% said they needed the check, while 32% said it would be helpful but not necessary for covering basic expenses. The poll also found that the financial burden of coronavirus has hit Black Americans especially hard; while a combined 74% of all Americans said the check would help with essential expenses, 82% of Black Americans said the same and 57% of Black Americans said they needed the check to make ends meet. The survey also found that many of those in need are unemployed; 65% of unemployed Americans said they would need a second stimulus check to cover essential expenses. The survey also found that roughly one in four retirees (27%) said they needed stimulus checks.

People were also asked about their financial situation in the WalletHub survey. When asked how close they were to running out of money, a plurality of respondents (35%) said they would run out of money in one to three months. WalletHub reported that from the survey, analysts estimated that 160 million Americans are less than three months away from running out of money.

Unemployment Lags Likely Affecting Public Opinion & The Need For Another Round Of Stimulus Checks

As coronavirus drags on, experts agree that a second round of stimulus checks is likely and necessary.

Donna Ginther, a University of Kansas professor of economics and the director for the university’s Institute for Policy and Social Research said that the possibility of a second wave has raised the likelihood that another round of checks will be coming.

She told the Inter-Mountain that she believes with a second wave of the virus looming, another round of money is necessary. “There’s lots of economic hardship being experienced right now, she said. “It’s affected all sectors of the economy. Unemployment claims are still really high.”

In fact, data shows that the public opinion in favor of stimulus checks, may be, in part, the results of lagging and difficult-to-obtain unemployment benefits; in April, Vox reported on a study which found that only 29% of jobless Americans received benefits in March. According to Pew Research, that equated to 2.1 million out of 7.37 million unemployed Americans receiving benefits.

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