Shotgun Willies Stabbings Injure Four in Glendale, Colorado

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The Glendale, Colorado Police Department has confirmed that four people were stabbed in an incident at Shotgun Willies, a strip club in that community, according to 9News.

A security guard at the club was among those stabbed, the television station reported, and he then shot and killed the suspect, who has not yet been identified.

Glendale, Colorado is located about five miles from Denver. The conditions of the four stabbing victims are not yet clear. Their identities have also not been released. Police have not specified a motive in the late night stabbings, which occurred on the evening of July 17, 2020. The stabbings occurred around 10 p.m.

Reports say the stabbings occurred inside the club.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shotgun Willie’s Advertises Itself as a ‘Woman-Owned Club Made for Real Men’

According to its website, Shotgun Willies is a “Woman-Owned Club Made for Real Men.”

“Debbie Matthews opened Shotgun Willie’s in 1982, and over the last thirty years, we’ve risen to become one of the top gentlemen’s clubs in the country,” the website for the club proclaims.

“But in all that time, we’ve never tried to be anything other than what we are: 200 of the country’s most-beautiful entertainers surrounded by 10,000 square feet of well-appointed space where a guy can be a guy. We don’t expect you to be anything other than what you are – A real person who deserves to have a great time in a place custom-built to make sure that happens right.”

A woman wrote of the stabbings on Twitter, “i think my mom just watched someone die.” She added, “i’ve heard that some people think it was a shooting but i barely got anything out of my mom. i only know that several people seemed to be severely injured, including one that could be mortally wounded.”

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