WATCH: Alex Jones Calls For Uprising Over ‘COVID Hoax’

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones yelled at park employees in Austin, saying they were using the “COVID hoax” to charge money to enter parks. Jones’ name became a top-trending Twitter topic on Wednesday as discussed the video, which originally started to circulate on Monday.

The clips starts out with the host of The Alex Jones Show saying he’s been coming to the park since he was in high school. He was annoyed that the staff asked if he had a pass.

“Now you guys use your COVID hoax to like set a checkpoint up to take over the parks and start charging?” he asked one of the park employees who was sitting in a chair. “It’s unconstitutional. This is not even a city ordinance. It’s an illegal power grab of the people’s greenbelt and it’s time to free Austin.”

As noted by The Statesman, Jones was annoyed over the city’s reservation system. His wife had tried to go to the park, but was denied entry since she didn’t make a reservation.

Jones approached the employees without mask and bullhorn in hand. He goes over to one of the masked employees and inquires about him. “I’m a lifeguard for Barton Springs,” the man says.

“You’re a lifeguard for Barton Springs, now part of the criminal power grab,” Jones responds.

The clip has gone viral, garnering nearly million views on the tweet shared by Barstool News Network. 

Jones Calls For Civil Disobedience

Jones started to use his bullhorn after asking about the identity of the employee and speaking about his wife needing a pass to enter the park.

“This is outrageous criminal activity,” he says. “This is the seizure of the infrastructure of Austin.”

Jones’ anger level raised when discussing his partner, Charlie Thomson. “My wife came here this morning when you cult member cooks showed up here and you asked her, ‘Where’s her reservation?’ Her reservation is that we live in a free country! We live in America!”

He then made a call for action. “The time for civil disobedience is here!” he screamed. “I want this removed tonight,” Jones said, referring to the reservation center.

The conspiracy theorist then claimed that the coronavirus pandemic–of which there have been more than 5 million confirmed cases and 165,000 deaths in the United States–was a “power grab hoax” and a scam.

Jones Said He Would Eat His Neighbors

While discussing the coronavirus pandemic, the media personality said he would eat his neighbors if he had to survive. “I’ll admit it. I will eat my neighbors. I’m not letting my kids die. I’m just going to be honest — my superpower is being honest,” he said. “I’ve extrapolated this out and I won’t have to for a few years, because I’ve got food and stuff. But I’m literally looking at my neighbors now going, I’m ready to hang them up and gut ’em and skin ’em, chop ’em up.”

Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly Jones, said his comments were frightening. The couple was married from 2005 to 2015. “This is my ex-husband, Alex Jones, graphically describing how he’ll kill his neighbor to f e e d my kids: Homicidal. Terrifying. I lost my kids for tweeting about injustice. This is UNJUST to my kids,” she wrote. “This is a mom’s worst nightmare. Court must act.”

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