WATCH: Fly Lands on Mike Bloomberg During Democratic Convention Speech


Getty Bloomberg speaks at the DNC.

While Mike Bloomberg spoke during the Democratic National Convention, a fly kept buzzing around him. The moment definitely got the attention of people on social media. See videos of that moment and photos below.

The Fly Landed on His Lip & His Eyebrow

Bloomberg spoke after a group of candidates who ran for the Democratic nomination talked about Joe Biden and their positive experiences with him. While Bloomberg spoke, a fly kept buzzing around him. It’s not clear if Bloomberg was ignoring the fly or if he really didn’t realize it was there.

In this clip it lands on his lip.

And in this video it lands on his eyebrow.

Here’s a slow motion version in case you want to see the moment with the fly more closely.

The fly appeared during the last night of the Democratic National Convention, when Joe Biden later would give his acceptance speech. Some people are debating about whether or not Bloomberg might have accidentally eaten the fly, although that’s unlikely.

Here are photos of Bloomberg’s moment with the fly.

In case you need a closeup, Twitter is quick to provide.

And yes, everyone noticed. Now the moment is going viral on Twitter.

Some people said they liked Bloomberg’s speech, but they couldn’t stop thinking about that fly.

Others joked that it was an omen.

Most of the Convention Went Smoothly, But There Were Still Interesting Moments from Time to Time

For the most part, the Democratic convention has gone smoothly over the last few days, despite the unprecedented need for every speaker to appear virtually. But there were still moments that caught people’s attention, like the fly landing on Bloomberg.

For example, when Joe Biden officially was nominated after the roll call, he was asked to give an acceptance speech. He simply said: “Well thank you very, very, much, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all. It means the world to me and my family and I’ll see you on Thursday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Some people joked about how short his speech was, while others thought it was just right.

And people are still debating about whether or not he said he was “Jill Biden’s husband” or “Joe Biden’s husband” after Jill Biden’s speech.

In a poll, 73% voted that he was saying he was “Jill Biden’s husband,” which is a common joke he likes to make after Jill Biden speaks.

And then there was the moment during roll call when Delaware awkwardly passed in its vote. But it turned out later that this was because Delaware, as Biden’s home state, was going to give the decisive vote for Biden at the very end.

The convention this year was supposed to be in Milwaukee, but the coronavirus pandemic changed plans quite a bit. The anchor of the convention is still at the Wisconsin Center, ABC News reported, but delegates and speakers did not travel there. The only people who will be there are production team members coordinating a combination of live and taped feeds.

So of course, such a big change has caused a few awkward moments here and there and a couple of awkward pauses. But overall, most of the convention has gone very smoothly.

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