Hooters New Uniforms: TikTok Videos Criticize Short Shorts

hooters new uniforms

Getty Hooters new uniforms are being criticized on TikTok.

Are Hooters’ short shorts… too short?

Hooters’ new uniforms are the subject of TikTok videos in which employees complain that the shorts are too short, although some didn’t have a problem with them. You can watch some of the TikTok videos throughout this article. Some TikTok users modeled the old, and then the new shorts, and you can definitely see the difference.

However, Hooters’ employees are not wearing them everywhere.

According to NBC News, Hooters of America “rolled out the shorter shorts in its Texas locations before distributing them to a wider range of locations.” However, some locations, those under the Original Hooters franchise, are still using the original shorts, NBC reported. Heavy has reached out to Hooters to get more details. According to Washington Examiner, two different companies, Hooters of America or the Original Hooters, operate the restaurants.

Here’s what you need to know:

TikTok Users Modeled the New Shorts


Reply to @holymonce8 is this what y’all wanted ? LMAO


One Twittter user, Giselle Nguyen at @ggnguyen modeled what she captioned as the “old style” and the “new style” of Hooters shorts.
The “new style” shows a lot more.

People weighed in on her comment thread. Here are some of their comments:

“I don’t like them…the original ones have that athletic vibe they go for.”

“They don’t even look like shorts.”

She also shared another video captioned, “what’s that supposed to fit?!? #hooterstiktok #hooter #hootersgirl #StudentSectionSauce.”


what’s that supposed to fit?!? ##hooterstiktok ##hooter ##hootersgirl ##StudentSectionSauce

♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

“For everyone saying it’s sexualizing women it’s literally Hooters. That’s the whole point.”

“Girl stay safe. That’s all I gotta say.”

Nguyen responded, “Thank you girl! We have cops at our location that walk us out and we cover our uniform before leaving as well.”

“I thought you were a volleyball player,” wrote another comment writer. “It’s cute but super inappropriate for a work outfit,” said another.

Be forewarned that some of the language in other videos is graphic due to the music.

Hooters of America Says the New Uniforms Have Received ‘Overwhelmingly Favorable Reviews’

@eastenciera Definitely rated pg 😇 #ratedpg13 #hooters #hooterstiktok @Katherine Nicole ♬ THIS SHT RATED PRN – CACTUS JACK

One TikTok user, @gracie.herrick, wrote that the new shorts were “like underwear.”

Here’s her TikTok:

@gracie.herrick oop #fyp #hooters ♬ naughty wackus bonkus – king of bling

She also posted other videos about the new shorts.

@masonverr2000 #duet with @gracie.herrick ♬ naughty wackus bonkus – king of bling

Others wrote that they liked the new shorts. @amanda5015 wrote, @amandaa5015.

@amandaa5015 i actually like the new shorts, also tik tok i am 22 years old please don’t take this down #hooters #hooterstiktok #hootersgirl #hootersgirledition ♬ original sound – k a r l

Washington Examiner reported that one TikTok user had 1.9 million likes on a video in which she said, “Love my job but don’t love wearing undies to work.” She then claimed the Hooters CEO “contacted her to confirm employees will not be mandated to wear the updated shorts,” Yahoo reported.

The site quoted a spokesperson for Hooters of America as saying, “These uniforms have been worn for months in several Texas markets and have received overwhelmingly favorable reviews from both Hooters Girls and customers.” But after the viral backlash, Hooters of America said in a statement the new shorts won’t be mandatory.

“As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones. They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image,” Hooters of America said in the statement, according to PennLive. “We’re excited to see a national trend toward self-expression and inclusivity that bodes well for our marketplace. We work continuously with our Hooters Girls to refresh and update the image of our brand ambassadors and to empower them to feel their best while at work. In fact, new uniform styles were the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls and have been worn for months in several Texas markets with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our Hooters Girls are providing input at every stage including future clothing items and accessories.”

Hooters of America added, “We remain committed to empowering our most valuable asset, the Hooters Girls, and working together to provide the best Hooters experience for our guests and employees.”

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