Ronnie Keandre Marshall & D’Angelo Strand: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ronnie keandre marshall

Mugshot/Facebook Ronnie Keandre Marshall

Ronnie Keandre Marshall and D’Angelo Strand are the suspects accused in the double murder in Virginia of retired Army colonels Edward McDaniel Jr. and Brenda McDaniel.

The husband and wife, who had served with distinction as a physician and nurse with the U.S. military, were found shot to death in their front yard in Springfield, Virginia.

“WANTED FOR MURDER: Ronnie Keandre Marshall, 20, is wanted in connection to yesterday’s Flint St. double murder, he is considered armed and dangerous, call 911 with information on whereabouts. Picture is from 2019. #FCPD,” Fairfax County police wrote on May 27, 2021. D’Angelo Strand, 19, is the second suspect accused. Both were charged with two counts of murder and firearms violations.


Kevin Davis, Fairfax County police chief, called it a “brutal murder. … It’s a tragedy. It’s something that shouldn’t happen. … We need to bring this person to justice. We still need to identify this killer and get him off the street.” Davis said the gunman is “likely still local.”

“The vehicle of interest in the Flint St. homicide, a 2018 Nissan Altima, was located thanks to a community tip. A second person of interest was taken into custody. Ronnie Keandre Marshall has not yet been located, call 911 with information,” police later wrote. Then, they said, “Two suspects from the Flint St. homicide have been taken into custody. Details will be shared by Chief Kevin Davis at a 6 p.m. news conference at Public Safety Headquarters.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Victims Were Described as ‘Two Distinguished Military Veterans’ Who Worked in Medical Fields

Fairfax County

Both victims served in the U.S. military. They were “brave and patriotic citizens,” said the police chief. “When two veterans, when two service members are gunned down in a neighborhood in our country, it should generate this level of attention.”

“A man and a woman, a husband and a wife, two distinguished military veterans, were gunned down in their front yard. Served our community for many years,” said the chief. “They were shot and killed in cold blood in their own front yard.”

Both had been in the military; Brenda was retired as a nurse, and Edward was in active service. According to WTOP-TV, Edward was an active duty colonel who worked as a physician.

At 9:20 a.m., a 911 call came in from Springfield for a “break in event,” according to police. Officers arrived within two minutes and they “did locate two people shot in their front yard,” said Major Ed O’Carroll in the news conference.

Both individuals suffered from apparent multiple gunshot wounds, he said.

“The victims had honorable military service to our country,” said O’Carroll.

2. The Chief Said the Murders Were Not Random & the Victims ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

Fairfax Co

“They did nothing wrong. They were tragically, horribly murdered in their neighborhood,” the chief said. Edward McDaniel was 55 and Brenda McDaniel was 63. “This was not a random act of violence, not at all.” He believes the shooter or shooters are known to a relative of the two victims. He didn’t name that relative. He also said that a son of the victims may have been inside the home.

“The two homeowners were shot and killed in their front yard,” Davis said. He called it a “vicious double murder.”

Davis and O’Carroll “updated the community tonight on this morning’s tragic double homicide in Springfield,” Fairfax County police wrote on Facebook.

They were seeking a “light colored 2018 Nissan Altima MD:1EF1479. If seen call 911.” It has Maryland registration, authorities say. Tips from community led authorities to the suspects. NBC Washington reported that police found the car.

Davis warned the public, “The car could be parked in your neighborhood right now.” The vehicle “fled the scene,” authorities said.

The offender or offenders in this case were considered armed and dangerous, authorities said. There was a $10,000 reward.

3. Authorities Believe an Earlier Incident Is Connected to the Murders but the Motive Was Not Announced

Authorities responded to a call about a dispute and burglary in progress two days before the deaths.

The motive remains unclear, but an incident that happened on Monday, May 24, 2021, is connected, authorities believe.

“We were out there on Monday. We were actively working an investigation. All the records associated with that case were pulled,” O’Carroll confirmed. “Monday’s response is directly connected to today’s tragedy.”

As to motive, he said, “We’re open minded. We haven’t defined a motive to this tragedy.”

4. Brenda McDaniel Worked at the Army Nurse Cops

brenda mcdaniel

FacebookBrenda McDaniel

On Facebook, Brenda McDaniel wrote that she “Worked at Army Nurse Corps” and studied nursing at Walden University and the University of Phoenix. She received a master’s degree from Central Michigan University.

She received a bachelor’s degree in nursing at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Brenda McDaniel went to J.F. Webb High School and was from Kansas City, Missouri, according to Facebook.

The couple shared a joint Facebook page called “Ed and Brenda McDaniel.”

5. Friends & Neighbors Alleged the Couple’s Teenagers Brought Trouble Into the Neighborhood

brenda mcdaniel

FacebookBrenda McDaniel.

On Facebook, those who knew the couple praised them highly, with one man labeling them a “power couple.”

“The teenage kids, their friends are bad people,” Carlos Buendia, a neighbor, said to WUSA9. “They bring weapons into the neighborhood.”

Neighbors said the family kept to themselves other than when they would be spotted walking their dog.

An old message on Facebook from “Brenda and Ed” read, “I am excited about 2015 Bike MS Ride Virginia and joining Team Coop. Brenda and I believe in and support this wonderful event. This is my first major biking event, and it is never to late to start a new hobby and make new friends. I ask your support and all donations go to National MS society for research.”

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