Train Derailed By Tornado Near Earlington, Kentucky [VIDEO]

train derailed earlington Kentucky

Facebook Video of the train derailment reported in Earlington Kentucky

A train has derailed near Earlington, Kentucky, due to the massive and historic tornado that cut a swath through multiple states, social media reports and videos say, and the train may have slammed into houses.

Matt Sanderson, sheriff for Hopkins County, Kentucky, told KYWX, “There is a train that has been turned over with the wind that came through here, the tornado that came through here in this area as well.” He said authorities are trying to assess what kind of material was on the train and how many people were injured in the area. But he described injuries as minor so far.

Two children were missing and were found in a bathtub “not where the house was originally standing,” the sheriff also revealed. They were OK and they “do not appear to be hurt at all. They have been returned back to their mother.” He said authorities were still searching rubble.

The Banner, a local news site in Kentucky, wrote on Facebook, “There are reports of a tornado derailing a train near Earlington. A tractor Trailer also was flipped on 1-69 near the Earlington exit earlier.” It’s not clear whether anyone was on the train at the time or whether it was moving.

Hopkins County Weather wrote on Facebook: “Hey guys. We have (utter) destruction in Barnsley. Houses are wiped out, trees/power poles snapped in two, train cars derailed and thrown into houses. It’s a disaster area going into Earlington. It is best to stay home and stay safe everyone. Thank you for bearing with me on severe weather coverage tonight. I tried my best. -David F.”

A local man named Dee Stafford streamed this live video from Earlington. It shows rescue workers climbing on piles of debris.

Here’s more of Stafford’s video. “The train right there derailed,” a man says in the video. “There’s nothing left,” a man says.

“There’s a train derailed half a mile from my parents house. Lots of people w out communication at the moment. Thinking ab WKY tonight,” wrote a man named Brandon Cooper.

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Kentucky’s governor declared a state of emergency. “Gov. Beshear has declared a state of emergency based on major tornado damage in multiple Western Kentucky counties. He has activated the @kentuckyguard and the @kystatepolice,” Governor Andy Beshear’s Twitter page posted.

He added, “We are praying for our Western Kentucky families.”

WTTL reported that, according to the Hopkins County Sheriff, “Major damage in Dawson Springs & Earlington. Mobile homes have been wiped off their foundation. People have been injured. 2 kids were found in a bathtub where the home wasn’t originally at. Also stated the kids were safe with no injuries.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Train Derailed in Hopkins County, Kentucky, Reports Say

Cooper also wrote, “A train is derailed in Hopkins county from the storms – my dad just tried to go check on neighbors and couldn’t get through due to road blocks.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Evansville @WEHTWTVWlocal just reported the major tornado that went through Kentucky blew a train off the tracks into some houses.”

There were unconfirmed reports that the train derailed and damaged houses in Morton’s Gap and Earlington, Kentucky, according to Timothy Hudson, a local reporter who posted the information on Facebook.

A man wrote on Twitter, “A train was picked up and thrown into houses here in Earlington, Ky from this tornado. Crazy.”

Other Areas of Western Kentucky Suffered Massive Damage

There was major damage throughout western Kentucky from the tornado on December 10, 2021.

Photos and videos showed severe damage from a massive, historic tornado that struck Mayfield, Kentucky. Photos on social media showed the courthouse and police station were among buildings suffering major damage, and rescuers were searching for people who were trapped.

Photos also showed damage to homes.

Pictures emerged showing the downtown area.

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Tyler Hofelich, of an Ohio-based storm team, tweeted that the Mayfield tornado threw debris 30,000 feet in the air, making it one of the most “intense” tornadoes on record.

US Storm Watch tweeted, “Tonight we are looking at potentially the first quad-state tornado in US history which has torn through Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and now Kentucky.”

According to WeatherNation, rescuers were trying to save people trapped in a candle factory in Mayfield.

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