Lauren Hoyer, Brian’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lauren Scrivens Hoyer is the wife of New England Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer, who is in his ninth season in the NFL. Lauren and Brian met in high school in Ohio, and have been married since 2010.

According to Hoyer, Lauren has been the greatest “constant” in his life, throughout multiple moves as Hoyer signed various contracts with NFL teams. The couple have two children, a son named Garrett and a daughter named Cameron.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. Brian & Lauren Are High School Sweethearts Who Grew Up in Ohio

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Lauren Scrivens is an Ohio native. She attended Magnificat High School, a Catholic all-girls school in a Cleveland suburb, while Brian went to St. Ignatius, an all-boys Jesuit school in the same area.

According to Hoyer, he and Lauren were the mutual friends brought on an awkward high school date. His friend was dating a girl, they each brought a friend to a baseball game, and they went from there. Per The Houston Chronicle, Lauren would drive to Michigan State every weekend to watch Hoyer play as an undergraduate, and she would travel with Hoyer to each of the cities that he’s played for.

They live in Ohio during the off season. Despite the chaos for their family of moving all of the time for Hoyer’s various contracts, Hoyer explained that his family has been extraordinarily resilient. He said to The Houston Chronicle that he took his son to school the first day after their move to Houston, and though he expected his son to have a tantrum, the opposite happened. “He gets out: ‘Bye, daddy, I love you,’ ” Hoyer explained. “I was ready to lose it, because here’s my son. There’s the pride. But there’s also holding back, because here he is growing up and these years go by fast.”

“I’m so consumed by the daily grind and the stuff I need to do. It’s definitely special to run out in front of the hometown fans, but for me I just try to stay in this bubble,” Hoyer told USA Today in 2014.

2. The Hoyers Were Married in 2010 in Their Hometown

The couple has been together since high school and tied the knot on July 2, 2010.

She has been by Hoyer’s side throughout his Michigan State and NFL career. After going undrafted coming out of Michigan State, Hoyer’s first job was backing up Tom Brady for the Patriots, a job he has now returned to. He has also played in Arizona, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and for his hometown Cleveland Browns.

“She’s been along the whole way and really has been the one constant,” Hoyer told the Houston Chronicle. The couple was married close to their hometown in Cleveland at a beautiful mansion called The Glidden House. Though they now live in Massachusetts during the season, Hoyer confirmed to The Record-Courier that his family still owns a house in the Cleveland suburbs.

3. Lauren & Brian Have 2 Children Together, Garrett & Cameron

The Hoyers have one son named Garrett and a daughter, Cameron, born in October 2013. As Hoyer has bounced from team to team, so have his wife and children.

“My son was born in Rhode Island. He moved to Cleveland,” Hoyer told the Houston Chronicle. “His first Thanksgiving was a hotel in Pittsburgh. And his Christmas was at one of my teammates’ who I played with in New England, at his house in Arizona.”

To The New York Times in 2013, Hoyer explained how simple he tries to keep his life, adding that most of his weekdays are spent going from home to practice then home again. Hoyer said, “I really try to stay in a bubble.”

Hoyer’s family life is, ironically, one of the things that he connects with the most with Tom Brady. To The Record-Courier in 2019, Hoyer explains how his friendship with Brady is bound by family. He said, “Our relationship is a lot more more fun this time around. We’re in similar life stages. We talk about our kids, our wives … football, obviously.

4. Lauren’s Experience With Acupuncture Helped Brian Recover From Injuries

During the 2015 season, Hoyer struggled with multiple concussions. To help speed up his recovery, stepped outside the box, borrowing an experience from Lauren.

Hoyer’s wife used acupuncture during her first pregnancy. At 36 weeks, Lauren was told that because of her baby’s positioning, she would be forced to have a C-section.

“We went up to this woman doctor, she put the needles in,” Hoyer said. “They lit some roots and burned it. They had like yoga music on. I literally watched my wife’s stomach shift.”

Hoyer tried acupuncture, as well as hyperbaric chambers, to help recover from injuries. Hoyer only started nine games n 2015, but missed two of the final three weeks of the season while undergoing concussion protocol.

5. Brian Hoyer’s Career Earnings Amount to $21 Million

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Per HeroSports, Hoyer has earned $21.17 million in career earnings over the ten seasons of his career. He ranks 41st on the Patriots active roster in terms of salary size for 2018, and his cap hit for 2019 ($2.85 million) ranks him at 475th overall in the NFL, the publication reports, which includes any and all roster and signing bonuses.

Brian Hoyer’s salary for 2018 was $915,000. Hoyer signed a $4.14 million deal with the New England Patriots in 2017, with a bonus of $600,000. That deal entailed a $476,000 salary in 2017, a $915,000 salary in 2018, and a base salary of $2.85 million in 2019.

Hoyer’s base salary in 2019 includes $1.5 million guaranteed and a $200,000 roster bonus, per ESPN.