Gina D’Agostini: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gina D’Agostini Affair


Gina D’Agostini is accused of having an affair with Demarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys. The accusation was made on Twitter by D’Agostini’s husband and Murray’s former Oklahoma Sooners teammate Brennan Clay. D’Agostini and Clay got married in July 2014.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brennan Clay Simply Stated on Twitter: ‘Demarco Murray Was Having an Affair With My Wife’

The accusations came in a series of tweets made during NFL action on Sunday, November 30 (the Cowboys are off having played on Thursday night). In the first tweet, Brennan Clay said, “So Demarco Murray was having an affair with my wife ..I’m done.” He added that she is the mother of two kids. The former Sooner finished up with saying, “I’m headed to Church.” A few hours later, he followed it up with the above tweet.

Gina D’Agostini Twitter


According to her Twitter account, D’Agostini lives in Dallas, where Murray plays. This was her last tweet, which was later deleted: “The eyes are the windows to the soul…Always look them in the eyes…You will see everything you need to know.” In the days after Clay claimed his wife was cheating, the former Oklahoma Sooner filed for divorce. Then, on December 4, Clay posted alleged text messages between his wife and Demarco Murray:

Gina D'Agostini Demarco Murray Text Messages Texts Spray Tan


Allegedly the texts came from October when Clay was going to training camp with the Chargers. When D’Agostini tells Murray about this, he asks her “So I can f*ck you in your bed now,” she replies “Is that where you want to fuck me?”

The tweets show that D’Agostini referred to Murray as “Spray Tan.”

2. Her 2 Kids Are From a Previous Relationship

Gina D'Agostini Kids


On her Facebook page, D’Agostini frequently posts pictures of herself with her sons, one of whom is named Asher and was born in 2011.

3. She’s a Fitness Instructor

Gina D'Agostini Facebook


According to her Facebook page, D’Agostini is a native of Rochester Hills, Michigan. On her page she also states that she works as a fitness instructor at the gym Beyond500 in Dallas. In 2013, she posted an album on her Facebook page showing her on the field level during a Cowboys game.

4. Brennan Clay Has Talked About How D’Agostini Helped Him Through Hard Times in 2012

Gina D'Agostini Johnny Manziel

Brennan Clay posted this pic of himself and his wife partying with Johnny Manziel back in July. (Instagram)

In 2012, while Brennan Clay was playing for the Sooners, he told News Oklahoma how Gina D’Agostini helped him through a tough time after he made a series of errors against Notre Dame. In the interview, he says that he avoided his teammates in the aftermath of the mistakes and “escaped to his girlfriend’s place.”

5. Demarco Murray Has a Child With Another Woman

demarco murray

Demarco Murray in action in November 2013. (Getty)

Demarco Murray has a daughter with soap opera star Heidi Mueller. His daughter, Savanna, was born in June 2013. According to Mueller’s social media profiles, the couple are still together.