Ashley & Katie Hess: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ashley and Katie Hess with their mother Linda Holliday, who is Bill Belichick's girlfriend. (Instagram)

Ashley and Katie Hess with their mother Linda Holliday, who is Bill Belichick’s girlfriend. (Instagram)

Ashley and Katie Hess are the twin daughters of Linda Holliday, whose boyfriend happens to be Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots.

Belichick and his Patriots have a pretty important game this weekend – Super Bowl XLIX vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Belichick and Holliday arrived in Arizona on Monday afternoon as the team was set to begin game preparations.

Ashley and Katie are preparing to finish college and enter the “real world” in a few months, though they already have impressive resumes.

Born in 1992, the twins are fashion junkies, accomplished vocalists and world travelers.

Here’s what you need to know about Ashley and Katie:

1. The Twins Have Their Own Fashion Blog



Ashley and Katie put their love of fashion to use in their blog,

They model their outfits and write about them, targeting the twenty-something female demographic.

The two also write occasionally about food and other lifestyle topics.

2. Ashley & Katie Attend Trinity College in Connecticut



The twins attend Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. The American Studies majors are set to graduate in May.

The two also write for Trinity’s chapter of “Her Campus,” a website which covers style, health, beauty, among other topics.

3. They Sing With an A Capella Group at College



Ashley and Katie sing with an a capella group called the Dischords at Trinity.

Ashley is an alto/tenor and Katie is a soprano/alto.

4. The Twins Studied Abroad in Paris



Ashley and Katie spent a semester studying in Paris. In Paris, they were in awe of how elegantly the women dressed and it was the final push to start the blog.

5. Ashley & Katie Had Internships With The U.S. Senate



Over the summer of 2012, the twins had an internship with the United States Senate.

Ashley is currently an intern with Michael Kors and she was also a production intern with “Style Boston,” where her mother served as a correspondent.

You can follow them on Instagram @thepartyoftwo.