Super Bowl 2015 Shares: How Much Does Each Player Get Paid?

Russell Wilson holds up the Lombardi Trophy after winning last year's Super Bowl. (Getty)

Russell Wilson holds up the Lombardi Trophy after winning last year’s Super Bowl. (Getty)

You’ve heard the saying, “the rich get richer.”

If you’re an NFL player and your team makes it to the Super Bowl, that’s definitely the case.

Thanks to the Super Bowl share, if you’re on the 53-man roster for the Big Game, you get a fat check whether you win or lose. It’s basically a performance bonus. Each player already received $44,000 for winning the Conference Championship.

Obviously the winner’s Super Bowl share is much higher, but the loser’s check is nothing to sneeze at.

Last season, each member of the Seattle Seahawks received a $92,000 check for winning Super Bowl 48. The Broncos, who suffered a 43-8 beatdown, received $46,000 apiece. Not bad.

For Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and Patriots, the payouts will be even higher.

Thanks to a 5.1% increase, the winners will take home $97,000 each and the losers $49,000.

And let’s not forget what else the winners get: bragging rights, diamond-studded rings, a fancy ticker-tape parade, a trip to the White House and probably some new lucrative endorsements.

I guess it pays to win the Super Bowl. And lose, for that matter.

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