Liz Mullin, Chris’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Liz Mullin, middle in front of husband Chris, has been married the NBA Hall of Famer Chris Mullin for 24 year(Twitter/@RedFlagsLadies)

Chris Mullin is reported to become the next head coach at his alma mater St. John’s university. He met his wife, Liz, at St. John’s as well and has been married to her for nearly 25 years.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Married Chris Mullin in 1991

Chris Mullin met Liz Connolly at St. John’s while he was an All-American forward for the Red Storm. Liz was a soccer player at St. John’s and kept score for the St. John’s basketball team. With Liz being around the basketball team so much, she met Chris and started dating him.

When Chris moved to San Francisco to play for the Golden State Warriors, Liz went with him and they were soon engaged. They were married in late 1991.

2. She Has Four Children with Chris

Chris and Liz have four children- Christopher Mullin, Sean Mullin, Kiera Mullin, Liam Mullin- with Christopher in the video above. Sean played lacrosse at Bryant University before following his parent’s footsteps and transferring to St. John’s. Kiera and Liam are both in high school.

3. She is Very Instrumental in Chris’ Recovery From Alcohol Addiction

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Don Nelson, foreground, introduced Chris Mullin into the Hall of Fame and, along with Liz Mullin, was helpful in Chris’ battle with alcohol addiction. (Getty)

Chris Mullin had issues with alcoholism when he was younger, specifically when Warriors’ coach Don Nelson suspended him in 1987 because of his drinking, but Liz stayed by him the whole time. In fact, according to a Sports Illustrated article, when Chris though that going into rehab for his alcohol problem would end their relationship, Liz responded, “Are you kidding?” she said, crying. “This is the best Christmas present you could have given us.” Liz commented in a New York Times article that getting sober helped Chris grow up.

Liz is still very involved with anti-alcoholism groups, like THP Project Purple:

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She is also there to help those who also struggle with alcoholism:

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4. She Was Saved by One of Her Best Friends

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Chris Mullin’s wife Liz was acosted when she was 19 years old in from of her dorm room. (Getty)

Liz Connolly was walking home after a St. John’s game on November 3rd, 1982 when she was acosted, along with her friend Kathleen Habeeb, on the way home. A New York Daily News story details all of the events of the night, mainly how Connolly had a gun pulled on her. Leroy Scott, a 19 year old who served 16 years for manslaughter and was paroled, put a gun to Connolly’s head, telling Liz to “Tell your friend (Habeeb) to stop or else you’ll get hurt.”

At that point, a second man, Vincent Day threw Habeeb on the ground, took a necklace and a confirmation ring off of her and stabbed her in the heart.

The men looked to rob the 19 year olds and, sadly, Connolly’s safety was guaranteed by Habeeb’s murder.

The Mullin’s, along with former St. John’s guard Mark Jackson are still in touch with Habeeb’s family, as Kathleen was very close to the basketball program. They have endowed a scholarship at St. John’s in her name.

5. She is Very Interested in Musicals

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Chris Mullin, pictured in 2012 at the NBA All-Star game with Clyde Drexler, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, will be able to go to Broadway shows with his wife Liz now that they are back in their hometown of New York City. (Getty)

Liz goes to a lot of Broadway plays whenever she is back in her hometown of New York City and will be able to go to more now that Chris has reportedly accepted the job as head coach of St. John’s University.