When Is the 2015 NFL Draft?

Khalil Mack, NFl Draft, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo

The Oakland Raiders took University of Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack with the 5th overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. (Getty)

The NFL looks to dominate all 12 months of the calendar year, however, if there is one month that is the lull period for the league, April is it.

That is, until the NFL Draft rolls around, and the 2015 NFL Draft is almost upon us. The 2015 NFL Draft will be held at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. For the first time since 1964, the NFL Draft will not be held in New York after being held at Radio City Music Hall for the last nine years.

Despite the league looking to tweak the current format in recent years, the Draft will still take place over three days. The 2015 NFL Draft will start on Thursday, April 30th in prime time and last until Saturday, May 2nd in the afternoon.

Here is the breakdown of when each round will take place:

Thursday, April 30th: Round 1 (Picks 1-32)
Friday, May 1st: Rounds 2-3 (Picks 33-100) *includes compensatory picks*
Saturday, May 2nd: Rounds 4-7 (Picks 101-256) *includes compensatory picks*

Each round will be televised on ESPN and the NFL Network.

The NFL also annually holds a Supplemental Draft that takes place later in the year — usually sometime in early July.