Therese Andersson, Henrik Lundqvist’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

therese andersson, henrik lundqvist


Therese Andersson is the wife of New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. The couple met in 1998 while Lundqvist was playing hockey for Frolunda. The two dated for 12 years before taking their relationship to the next level, getting engaged in 2010.

Two years prior, Lundqvist signed a six-year, $41 million deal with the Rangers and moved across the pond, settling in Manhattan. Andersson, who is a big supporter of her now-husband, moved with him.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Andersson Met Lundqvist in Sweden

henrik lundqvist, therese andersson


Andersson and Lundqvist met in 1998 while Lundqvist was playing for Frölunda HC in Swedish Elitserien.

Lundqvist became a sensation while playing in Sweden, where he broke numerous records and became the best goalie in the league at the time. In the 2003, 2004, and 2005 seasons, he won the Honken Trophy, an award given to the best goaltender of the year in Sweden. In his final two years in the Swedish league, he won the Golden Puck and the Golden Helmet awards, the two most prestigious awards in the country.

The couple moved to White Plains, New York, outside of the city, which is “requested of all young [Rangers] players,” according to Sports Illustrated. The following year, Andersson and Lundqvist moved to Manhattan. The couple spends 10 months a year in the Big Apple.

2. Andersson & Lundqvist Got Engaged in 2010

henrik lundqvist, therese andersson


Since Lundqvist moved to New York to kickstart his career in the NHL, Andersson has been by his side. Not long after Lundqvist joined his team did he become a staple in the Big Apple. Of course, like many celebrities and athletes, Lundqvist’s personal life became a highlight. Fans often wondered who their star goalie was dating, if he was married or single, and if he had any children.

Since he hadn’t gotten married, Lundqvist was never spotted with a wedding ring. However, it didn’t take long for fans to find out about Andersson. Lundqvist and Andersson got engaged in 2010 and got married the following summer, according to FabWags.

Although Lundqvist still keeps his personal life out of the tabloids, he has been a bit more open about his family over the years — especially when it comes to his children.

3. The Lundqvists Have 2 Daughters

henrik lundqvist


Andersson and Lundqvist are proud parents to two daughters. Back in 2012, news broke that the couple was expecting their first child, a baby girl. In June of that year, Lundqvist told Us Weekly that his wife had been feeling “pretty good” and that she hadn’t experienced any “sickness [or] stuff like that.” A month later, the couple became parents. Charlise Lundqvist was born on July 10.

In 2014, the Lundqvists were blessed with more happy news as Therese found out that she was pregnant again. The two welcomed daughter, Juli, on March 20, 2015. Lundqvist made the announcement on Twitter.

Andersson went into labor just as her husband was cleared to get back on the ice after an injury. According to the New York Times, the Rangers star was forced to miss his first practice back because his wife was set to give birth. As you can see, Lundqvist joked about it in his tweet.


4. Andersson Is the Co-Founder of the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation



Henrik and Therese established Henrik Lundqvist Foundation to aid a cause dedicated to women and children in receiving proper health and education.

“Some of us get to take things like health, education, and financial stability for granted. But they’re far from guaranteed for many. The Henrik Lundqvist Foundation’s goal is to help people all over the world who face these kinds of challenges. Support HLF, and together we’ll do just that,” reads a message from the Lundqvist’s on the foundation’s official website.

The foundation has community partners in New York City, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic. In addition, HLF supports the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on children “facing obstacles” and helping them get through. Lundqvist has been a main spokesperson for the GODF, which collaborates with each branch of The Madison Square Garden Company including the New York Rangers, Liberty, Knicks, and all MSG network branches.

5. There Have Been Rumors that Lundqvist Cheated on Andersson with Swedish Model Victoria Silvstedt

When Lundqvist first moved to New York City in 2005-2006, rumors spread that he was cheating or broken up with Andersson after being seen with Swedish model, actress, singer, and television personality Victoria Silvstedt. Those rumors didn’t amount to much, however, and Andersson stuck by her husband’s side.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Lundqvist was accused of cheating, either. In 2010, Scandinavian tabloids suggested that Lundqvist was hooking up with Princess Madeleine of Sweden, according to Deadspin.

Over the years, there has been plenty of chatter about Lundqvist and his supposed wandering eye. A fan of his wrote about these rumors on a blog, claiming that an unnamed source said Lundqvist “cheats on Therese with cocktail waitresses.” There is no proof of this, however.