‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich: The Triple Crown’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Triple Crown documenting the Zayat family and American Pharoahs quest for the Triple Crown airs tonight on CNBC at 10 p.m. ET.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Triple Crown documenting the Zayat family and American Pharoah’s quest for the Triple Crown airs tonight on CNBC at 10 p.m. ET.

Have you ever wondered what the extremely wealthy who have more money than they can physically count do with all of it? Have you ever wondered about some of the people behind the mansions, private jets, yachts and countless acres of land? Well, there is a show for that.

In its 4th season, Secret Lives of the Super Rich is a 30-minute program that airs on CNBC Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET.

Tonight’s episode “Secret Lives of the Super Rich: The Triple Crown,” is designed to look into the business of horse racing using this year’s Triple Crown season:

Reported by CNBC’s Robert Frank, “Secret Lives of the Super Rich: The Triple Crown” takes viewers inside a rarified world filled with super rich celebrities, billionaire moguls, outrageous mega-parties and a champion horse worth more than $20 million. It’s horse racing like you’ve never seen it before.

Viewers get unprecedented VIP access on and off the track, from extravagant parties featuring multi-million dollar snacks and celebrity entertainment, to inside the custom aircraft, AIR HORSE ONE, which provides first class travel for the champion horses, to the thrill-filled moments from the best seats in the house: the VIP winner’s circle.

The episode also focuses on American Pharoah, the three-year-old horse that has an opportunity to make history on Saturday evening in the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes by becoming the 1st winner of horse racing’s Triple Crown in 37 years. Tonight’s special documents the horse’s journey from winning the Kentucky Derby, through the Preakness, all the way up until his workouts before Belmont and is told through the perspective of the Zayat family who own Zayat Stables.

Here is more of what you need to know about tonight’s special:

1. ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich’ Is 1 of CNBC’s Most Popular Programs

$48.5M Triplex Apartment Exclusive | Secret Lives Super RichGet an exclusive look at this multi-million dollar apartment for a king, or more literally it’s fit for a prince: the megahome is owned by a Saudi Prince on Secret Lives of the Super Rich – your ultimate VIP access to an exclusive world filled with extravagance and fortunes.2015-04-06T19:41:01.000Z

Along with “The Car Chasers,” “American Greed” and “Mad Money With Jim Cramer,” “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” has become a staple of CNBC television. The show is hosted by CNBC reporter Robert Frank who is known for his reporting of the American wealthy. Frank also had experience working for the Wall Street Journal for 18 years before he joined the network in 2012, and has written several books and won Awards for his reporting and writing.

What separates the show from other reality television shows is who is chosen to appear on the show and the depth of Frank’s reporting. Although the show has featured ridiculously lavish purchases and luxuries, it portrays the owners of them in an honest light and details their stories from how they got to where they were to where they are now.

2. The Show Has Featured Both Names You’ve Heard of & Haven’t Heard of

There is a saying: “money makes money.” Well, in the show’s case, money also attracts other money as well. In tonight’s Triple Crown Special, casual (maybe non-horse racing) viewers may not necessarily recognize the names of Ahmed Zayat and Justin Zayat or trainer Bob Baffert, however, they will recognize A-list celebrities: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Nick Lachey, and athletes: Tom Brady, Ron Gronkowski, Aaron Rodgers and hammerin’ Hank Aaron.

Over the span of four seasons, “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” has had multiple appearances by other billionaires and celebrities as well. The list of super rich that have been featured include:

— Billionaire Lynn Tilton
— Billionaire Jeff Greene (real estate)
— Billionaire Barbara Banke (Kendall Jackson)
Mohamed Hadid
Suzanne Somers (Three’s Company)
Jackie Segal
Ryan Serhant (MDLNY)
Dolly Lenz – NY Super Broker
Aaron Kirman – LA Super Broker
— Rihanna
Megan Mullally (Married to Nick Offerman)

3. Tonight’s Triple Crown Special Extensively Features American Pharoah

Did you know that Justin Zayat, the owner of American Pharoah, is just 23-years-old and attends New York University? Did you know that American race horses also get special treatment just like humans do?

In the above clip, American Pharoah is being seen loaded up unto a private plane, “Air Horse One” — get it, “Air Force One” — which has been entirely renovated inside as a stable. Over the past few months, American Pharoah has lived just as lavish of a lifestyle as the Stable who owns him, which is not surprising because American race horses are some of the best well-kept in the world.

In addition to his owners, American Pharoah has also been associated with some of the top names in the horse racing world and some of the best in history. Trainer Bob Baffert has three Kentucky Derby victories under his belt and is regarded as one of the, if not the best trainer in the world. Jockey Victor Espinoza’s reputation has risen. Espinoza rode War Emblem to Kentucky Derby and Preakness victories in 2002 and California Chrome to wins in the same two races just last year.

4. The Special Also Features the Zayat Family

Zayat Stables is owned by the Zayat family who have recently become one of the most successful families in horse racing. The family of Orthodox Jews is led by the well-spoken, 52-year-old Ahmed Zayat who came to the United States at 18-years-old and attended Boston University where he would later obtain his Masters Degree in business and public health. He his married to his wife Joanna and together the couple has four children together: Justin, Ashley, Emma and Benjamin.

Zayat later got into the beer distribution business and owned the Al-Ahram Beverages Company. In October 2002, Zayat sold the company to Heineken for $280 million in the biggest deal in Egyptian history.

American Pharoah is out of a dam [Littleprincessemma] who was named after Zayat’s youngest daughter. Between her and his eldest son Justin, the family connection in American Pharoah is strong.

5. The Family Has Turned Zayat Stables Into 1 of Horse Racing’s Premiere Stables

In 2005, Egyptian businessman and entrepreneur Ahmed Zayat entered Thoroughbred racing and slowly but surely started incorporating his family more into the business.

Zayat Stables has finished in the top five of North American horse racing owners seven times since 2005, including No. 1 in 2008 and 2015. In that same time span, Zayat Stables has won one Kentucky Derby — with American Pharoah — and had three Kentucky Derby runner-ups. Zayat Stables also boasts in All-Star cast of horse racing trainers: trainers Bob Baffert, D. Wayne Lukas, Dale Romans and Mark Casse — the cream of the crop in their field.

Follow of “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” on Twitter: @CNBCSuperRich and on Instagram: @CNBCSuperRich.

You can watch full episodes online or on your mobile device or tablet at CNBC.com by just logging in with your local cable subscriber account.

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