Kelly-Rae Keith, Duncan’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Kelly-Rae and Duncan Keith have been a couple since they were teenagers, growing up in British Columbia, and have been through just about everything, both on and off the ice. The pair have gone through three Stanley Cup championship runs, the Olympics, a child born during the postseason and even saw Duncan unanimously win the Conn Smythe trophy on Monday night.

But, despite the history, and a young son, Duncan and Kelly-Rae separated just over a year ago and are in the midst of a divorce, just weeks after the Blackhawks won their third championship since 2010. Duncan told The Chicago Tribune:

I am going through a divorce. I’ve been separated for over a year now. I think right now my time needs to be spent with my son and I’m doing everything I can to spend as much time with him and dealing with a lot going on right now. I hope everybody can respect that and our privacy. Kelly and I are doing our best to co-parent Colton and raise him in a loving environment whether he’s with her or with me. This is part of that.

Here’s what you need to know about Kelly-Rae:

1. She Grew Up in British Columbia & Played Basketball at McGill

Keith, like her husband Duncan, grew up in British Columbia, the daughter of Norma and Dough Kenyon with two brothers, Clayton and Taylor. She was a dominant athlete throughout high school and was a five-time athlete of the year and Team MVP in basketball at Penticton High School.

Following Penticton, Keith played college basketball at McGill in Montreal and was named Quebec Conference Rookie of the Year after the 2001-02 season. Her college basketball profile also listed Duncan Keith as one of her idols.

As if that weren’t already enough, Keith also competed at the 2001 Canada Games in freestyle skying.

2. She & Duncan Were Married in 2011 & Have One Son, Colton



Duncan and Kelly-Rae grew up in the same British Columbia town as kids and had been dating since they were 16 prior to their engagement in 2010. The two officially tied the knot in July 2011 and welcomed their first son, Colton, on May 8, 2013.

Duncan Keith actually left a Stanley Cup playoff game against the Minnesota Wild to be with Kelly-Rae when she gave birth in Chciago. He was back on the ice for the Blackhawks next game.

Colton made his on-ice debut later that season, taking center stage in the Blackhawks championship celebration by actually sitting inside the Stanley Cup.

3. Rumors Circulated This Season That She & Patrick Sharp, Another Blackhawks Player, Had an Affair

Kelly-Rae sparked talk earlier this season after reports surfaced that she and Patrick Sharp, another Blackhawks standout, were engaged in an extra-marital affair.According to sports gossip site, the alleged affair caused a rumored riff in the Blackhawks locker room as several players started choosing sides, although neither Kelly-Rae nor Duncan every publicly addressed the issue.

Sharp, however, did discuss the rumored strife in the Blackhawks locker room, telling Fox Sports:

I feel like you hear things said about people all the time, it’s like anybody can type something on a computer and get away with it and not be held responsible or accountable. I mentioned earlier, it is laughable, it’s comical, but when it affects your family, when you’ve got two little girls at home, and your parents are calling you, it takes a toll.

Sharp also told the Chicago Tribune he was considering legal action to stop the spread of the rumors and admitted that the talk had affected his on-ice play. At the time, in early March, he had not scored a goal in 15 games. When Duncan announced that he and Kelly-Rae were going through a divorce earlier this year, he acknowledged that some fans may assume it had to do with Sharp, but was quick to refute the rumors, saying, “My divorce had nothing to do with anything except what was between me and Kelly-Rae, and that’s where I’d like to keep it.”

4. She & Duncan Founded the ‘Keith Relief’ Charity in 2011

The pair founded Keith Relief founded in 2011 to help alleviate the financial and emotional burdens for families in times of medical crisis. The charity was create after the Keith’s themselves were faced with financial questions after Kelly-Rae underwent knee surgery in the US and found the cost to be astronomical compared to what she would have paid in Canada.

Keith Relief regularly works with the Ronald McDonald House charities as well, particularly in the Chicago area, and recently sponsored one of two special transplant floors dedicated to pediatric transplant patients and their families at the RMH near the Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.

Kelly-Rae said in a statement:

Ronald McDonald House Charities is such a great organization and we are proud to support their cause. We love Chicago, and Keith Relief has allowed us to give back to the city and people who have welcomed us with open arms. Everyone in Chicago has treated us so well, so we are thrilled to help out. The transplant floor at Ronald McDonald House provides the comfort and care that these families so desperately need during this difficult time.

5. She Was Featured in Chicago Parent, Along With Six Other Blackhawks Wives

Kelly-Rae and six other Blackhawks wives were featured in Chicago Parent in 2014 after the team underwent a bit of a baby boom. At the time of the article, the team boasted eight children under three years old.

Kelly-Rae discussed the importance of sports in her and Duncan’s life and how it will affect Colton throughout his adolescence. Colton, in particular, seemed quite taken with Carter Seabrook, the son of Brent Seabrook, during the photoshoot. The two were born just three months apart.