Tom Brady & Donald Trump: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Donald Trump, Tom Brady, Donald Trump Tom Brady

Tom Brady said on Wednesday he hopes his long-time friend Donald Trump will be the country’s next president. (Instagram)

The internet may actually explode.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that he hopes to see Donald Trump as the country’s next president, throwing his support behind his longtime friend and golfing partner.

Brady and Trump have been friendly for over a decade but this is the first time the reigning Super Bowl MVP has officially voiced his opinion on Trump’s presidential aspirations. It’s an unlikely friendship that just almost makes sense in what has already been a less-than-usual presidential campaign and NFL season. So, what are the odds that Trump name-drops Brady in Wednesday night’s CNN debate?

Your move, internet. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brady Said It ‘Would Be Great’ If Trump Won the Presidency

Brady was asked by reporters on Wednesday about his hopes for Trump’s presidential run and he responded like any good politician would. Putting greens first. Everything else after that.

It’s a much more concrete answer than the one Brady offered earlier this month when asked if he would vote for Trump next fall:

Honestly, he’s a good friend…It’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to accomplish as an entrepreneur – a television star and now running for political office. People who can do those types of things and transition into different arenas and still have that type of appeal and carryover — he’s obviously appealing to a lot of people.

2. Brady Had a Donald Trump Hat in His Locker

Social media exploded when a photo surfaced of a Donald Trump “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” hat in his locker at the Patriots facility a few weeks ago. When asked about it, Brady said that it was, in fact a Trump hat adding that he’s good friends with the candidate that he’s done “amazing things.”

Trump, meanwhile, has some Brady memorabilia of his own, claiming in a recent Wall Street Journal interview that he owns the quarterback’s Super Bowl helmet. Well, maybe not a Super Bowl helmet. GQ looked into the claim and looked into the helmets Brady wore in all six of his Super Bowl appearances, discovering that he always wore an open-face mask. The one Trump showcased was not.

According to the magazine, they reached out to Trump’s representatives for confirmation as to how he got the helmet but got no answer.

3. Brady Said He First Met Trump in 2002

Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Tom Brady Donald Trump

New England QB Tom Brady seems to have officially thrown his support behind Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential campaign. (Getty)

Brady told reporters earlier this month that he first met Trump in 2002 when he judged one of the mogul’s beauty pageants. He added that they’ve golfed together several times since then.

Brady told The Boston Globe:

We’ve had a lot of time on the golf course together over the years.Probably not as much recently, but in my younger days when I would have more time that I could spend doing those types of things, before there were kids, we spent a lot of time golfing together and so forth.

Maybe if Trump does end up building that putting green on the White House lawn, Brady can get some extra offseason practice in.

4. Trump Supported Brady Throughout Deflategate

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Sue them Tom! #TrumpVlog

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on May 12, 2015 at 8:01am PDT

In May, when the NFL announced that it was suspending Brady four games for his involvement in Deflategate, Trump went on a bit of a social media tirade.

“They had no definitive proof against Tom Brady or #patriots. If Hillary doesn’t have to produce Emails, why should Tom? Very unfair!” he wrote on Twitter. Then, Trump added this:

When Brady was cleared to play following a long legal process, Trump made sure to tweet out his congratulations, writing “Tom is my friend and a total winner!”

5. Trump Has Also Discussed His Friendship With Brady in the Press

Donald Trump, Tom brady, Donald Trump Tom Brady

Donald Trump has frequently discussed his friendship with Tom Brady recently and came to his defense throughout Deflategate. (Getty)

In a recent interview with The Boston Globe, the presidential candidate has mentioned that he was friendly with Brady and the entire Patriots organization.Trump discussed his long-time relationship with the Patriots, telling the paper:

You know I have a lot of friends up there, including the great Tom Brady. And Coach Belichick and Bob Kraft, they’re great friends of mine. Tom Brady, what a great guy he is.

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