Tony Romo Injury, Updates & Fantasy Value vs. Dolphins

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Tony Romo is back and ready to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a playoff berth. He could also help your fantasy lineup. (Getty)

Tony Romo believes. Do you?

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is back from his early-season collarbone injury this week and is fairly certain he can lead his team to victory. It’s almost ironic. The same player who has been criticized for his inability to lead his team during dire circumstances is now being counted on to turn an entire year of miscues and disappointments around.

Romo doesn’t seem intimidated though. At least not on the internet or in interviews. He delivered a message via Twitter, posting a clip from Major League. Then, he went on to reaffirm the message earlier this week saying:

I want everyone to know we’re not done yet. I think no one thought we’d be in this position and, you know, we are. You just to have to accept that and understand where we are and from here it’s mostly about winning one game, winning this week. … If you can get on a roll, I think that can carry over a little bit, and I think the guys played well and they are continuing to get better each week. Now we just have to figure out a way to get the results.

So, what does Romo’s confidence have to do with your fantasy lineup? Quite a bit actually.

Although he didn’t practice on Wednesday (adhering to his “usual” schedule from before the injury) the rest of Romo’s teammates were more energized at just the thought of him under center. “It’s just a different degree with Tony. Tony is a vet, a seasoned vet. He has done a lot for this organization and this offense,” said wide receiver Devin Street.

There’s also statistical reason for fantasy owners to be psyched that Romo is back.

The veteran QB played just one full game this season and finished with 22 points, but it’s more than that. This is, after all, Tony Romo. He threw for 3,705 yards last year with 34 touchdowns and just nine interceptions. Romo’s QBR last year was also a career-best 83.6 percent.

There’s also a fairly good reason to be confident in the people Romo is throwing to. Dez Bryant has a few games under his belt since his own return from injury and Jason Witten is, you know, Jason Witten. He can catch the football.

As an added bonus, the Miami Dolphins aren’t particularly good at defending the pass. The squad is No. 13 in the league in pass defense, giving up 254.7 yards per game this year. That includes 17 touchdowns. If the Cowboys offensive line can hold, Romo should be able to do some damage this week.

So, this is your moment Romo hoarders. You’ve been keeping him on your bench all season, waiting for the return. Well, it’s time. Start Tony Romo this Sunday.