WWE Survivor Series 2015: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

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Due to Seth Rollins’ debilitating injury, he’s been forced to vacate his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. On November 22, 2015 at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific, the semi-finals and eventual final match for the championship will take place. Dean Ambrose will take on Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns will face Alberto Del Rio and the winners of both matches will face off for WWE’s biggest prize. So who’s going to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Check in here with Heavy right now to find out every result/highlight from WWE Survivor Series 2015!

The Miz, Bo Dallas, Stardust and The Ascension vs. Neville, The Dudley Boyz, Titus O’Neil and Goldust (5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match)

Winner: Neville, The Dudley Boyz, Titus O’Neil and Goldust!

Highlights: Goldust and Stardust started this big tag team elimination match off. Stardust went to kick his brother in the gut, but Goldust caught his foot and punched him to the ground. Viktor got tagged in, but was quickly eliminated with a quick powerslam from Goldust. Goldust tagged in Titus to take on Konnor. Both men used their overwhelming power on each other with a lockup. Several strikes were exchanged between both men before Titus gained the upper hand with a bodyslam and a leg drop. D’Von got himself into the fight with a few strikes and then he tagged in Buh Buh for a tag team maneuver (the WHAT’S UP? flying headbutt). Stardust and Miz ran in, but they were quickly pushed over the top rope. Bo got the same treatment and then all three men got planted with an over the top rope splash by Neville. Later on during the bout, Konnor could be seen beating down Buh Buh. Buh Buh recovered and eliminated Konnor with a Uranage slam. D-Von made his way back in, but was quickly caught in the opposite team’s corner. Stardust and his men worked over D-Von while his teammates looked on. Stardust and his members did plenty of damage to D-Von as the match wore on.

Miz made a costly mistake when he ran to the ropes and got slammed with a Spinebuster. Stardust looked to stop D-Von, but he got punched in the gut after hopping off the top rope. Neville got the hot tag and went to town on the other team for a while, but he got eliminated after several big finishers. While Miz was celebrating, he got rolled up and eliminated by Goldust. Stardust and Bo then became the sole members of their team. Stardust aimed his next bit of offense at his brother for good measure. Bo eventually began tearing Goldust down as well for a while and made sure to tag in Stardust to continue their assault.

Goldust eventually recovered, landed a big move on Stardust and tagged in a very hot Titus. Titus went to work on Bo and Stardust with a bevy of powerful maneuvers. Goldust and Bubba got in to land some Dusty Rhodes-esque strikes, which was followed up by Titus hitting his Clash of The Titus finisher on Bo. Bo was eliminated, which left Stardust all by his lonesome. Stardust got cut off by Titus and his brother as he tried to escape, but he ran right back into the ring to be finished by a 3D.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio (Tournament Semi-Final Match for The Vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

WWE Survivor Series 2015

Winner: Roman Reigns!

Highlights: As the crowd looked on, both men locked up to begin the match’s proceedings. Reigns got the better of Rio at one point with a shoulder shove. Rio used his leg kicks to break down Reigns and even landed a few punches to him on the top rope. Reigns used his strength to drop Rio and force him out of the ring. Rio managed to throw Reigns shoulder first into the guard barrier, though. Back in the ring, Reigns got back into the fight with several power moves and assorted strikes. Reigns threw Rio into the ring corner, but was soon countered when Rio dodged his advance. Rio followed that up with a beautiful Enzuguri. On the outside of the ring, Rio shoved Reigns into the steel ring steps to further break him down.

Once both men returned to the ring, Rio locked Reigns in a sleeper hold for several moments. Reigns fought to escape the hold, but he hurt himself again when he rammed his shoulder right into the steel ring post after Rio dodged him. Rio landed some more kicks on Reigns, but Reigns managed to dodge Rio as he slipped right through the ring ropes to the outside. Reigns landed his running dropkick to Rio and then launched right into his signature comeback offense. Reigns went to finish the match with a Superman Punch, but Rio moved out of the way and hit his Backstabber. Rio wasted no time in damaging Reigns even more when he landed a quick DDT.

Rio signaled for his big Super Kick, but he missed it and paid for his mistake when he got dropped with a Samoan Slam. Reigns pushed Rio up to the top rope and looked to land something big. Rio got into a better position than his opponent and tried to land his double foot stomp. Reigns dodged it and then planted Rio with a Superman Punch. Reigns set up his Spear, but Rio finally landed his big Super Kick out of nowhere. Rio went for his Armbar, but Reigns rolled him up and picked him up to land a big Sitting Powerbomb. Reigns was slow to recover, which led to Rio catching him off guard with his Armbar. Reigns suffered for a bit and carried Rio to the ropes. Rio kept his submission hold locked in and released it when the ref called for it to be broken. Rio ran back in the ring, but got cut down for the evening with Reigns’ spear.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose (Tournament Semi-Final Match for The Vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

WWE Survivor Series 2015

Winner: Dean Ambrose!

Highlights: The match began with a lockup exchange between both men. Owens kept Ambrose locked in with a tight headlock for a good while and even grounded him with a shoulder tackle. Ambrose finally got in a few good moves as he armdragged Owens several times. Owens got back into the fight for a bit, but Ambrose countered his offense pretty quickly. Ambrose clotheslined Owens to the outside and then hit him with a nice plancha soon after. Ambrose threw Owens back into the ring and managed to land his corner clothesline/bulldog combo. Owens stayed down for a bit while Ambrose took to the top rope. Owens grabbed the ropes and grounded Ambrose in the corner, which led to Owens landing his running Cannonball Splash.

Owens took control of his opponent for a good while and even broke out his Spinning Rack Neckbreaker on Ambrose. As the match continued, Owens used more strikes and big moves on a weakened Ambrose. Owens made sure to get real mouthy with the crowd as he remained in control of the match. Ambrose eventually made his comeback after breaking out of Owens’s sleeper hold. Ambrose and Owens soon collided with each other at the same time and laid dormant for a few moments. When both men got back to their feet, they exchanged several strikes. Ambrose won the exchange, but Owens got the last laugh when he laid Ambrose’s throat over the top rope. Owens went for another big move, but he missed his top rope Moonsault and at an Ambrose elbow drop instead.

Ambrose found a way to bring Owens to the top rope later on. Both men fought for a better position at such a high position, which then led to Owens locking in Ambrose for a Fisherman Suplex. Owens brought Ambrose back to the mat when he suplexed him right off the top rope. Ambrose looked to be finished, but he revived himself once again. Owens threw him to the ropes for his Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ambrose countered that maneuver with his Rebound Lariat. Ambrose ran through the middle ropes and laid his body atop Owens to lay him down. Ambrose went for the same maneuver again near the announce tables, but Owens caught him and shoved him right into one of them.

Owens threw Ambrose back into the ring and looked to land his finisher, but Owens dodged it once again. Owens Super Kicked Ambrose two times as he went for his Rebound Lariat once again. Owens almost grabbed the win again, but Ambrose countered his finisher with a Frankensteiner right into his Dirty Deeds DDT.

Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos vs. The New Day, Sheamus and Wade Barrett (5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match))

Winners: Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos!

Highlights: The New Day disrespected the crowd and their opponents with a long pre-match promo. Sheamus tried to get rowdy by saying they were going to get very “jiggy” on their opponents. The New Day and Barrett frowned upon Sheamus’ lame slang usage, though. Xavier started the match off with Jimmy Uso, but was protective of his new hairdo. Jimmy mistreated Xavier’s hair and then tagged in his twin for even more offense on Xavier. Xavier dodged a double Super Kick and tagged in Kofi, who ran right into a beatdown from The Usos and Sin Cara. Sheamus and Sin Cara went at it for a few moments, which almost saw Sheamus get pinned with a roll up by Cara. Several men on both teams ended up on the outside, which led to The Usos and Lucha Dragons landing a big over-the-top-rope combo plancha. Ryback even took flight when he dropped himself off the top rope onto every man on the outside.

Back inside the ring, Jey Uso hopped to the top rope. However, he got pushed off the tope rope and almost got eliminated. Sheamus got tagged in and began a brutal beatdown on Jey Uso and made sure his partners got their licks in as well. Xavier got into his usual trombone antics with his team as they controlled the offense over Jey. Jey soon tagged in his brother after suffering for several moments. Jimmy Uso got in a nice array of comeback offense and Superkicked Wade to the mat. Wade got eliminated after a Senton Bomb from Cara. Kofi ran in next, but was cut off by a unique tag team maneuver by The Lucha Dragons. Kofi survived, but he got assaulted moments after. Jimmy Uso got in later on, but he ate an elimination due to a double team maneuver by Kofi and Xavier. Cara ran in next and got in his usual high flying moves, but he soon got eliminated after getting speared through the ropes by Big E and eating a Sheamus Brogue Kick.

Sheamus and Big E got into a verbal fight over who was truly in a better position to eliminate one of the other team members. Sheamus got in a rough tag to Big E, who chose to go for his big splash. Ryback countered his attempt with a Meat Hook lariat, which then led to Big E’s elimination after a Superfly Slash from Jey Uso. The New Day chose to leave the match as a whole, which left Sheamus to fend for himself. Sheamus chose to stay in the match and beatdown his much smaller foe, Kalisto. Kalisto got back into the match when he hit his Springboard Enzuguri, which then led to Jey Uso getting the hot tag. Jey pulled off several of his signature moves on Sheamus to further weaken him. However, Sheamus laid down Jey with his Irish Curse and almost got rid of Jey.

Jey Uso survived though and brought Ryback into the ring. Ryback powered down Sheamus with his biggest moves, which culminated in a big Spinebuster. Ryback went for another Meat Hook lariat, but Sheamus dodged it and almost rolled up Ryback for an elimination. Ryback escaped, though. The match broke down into an amazing finish where Sheamus got launched into the air in a Powerbomb position. That led into Ryback tagging in Kalisto, who hopped onto Sheamus with a Hurricanrana. Sheamus got Superkicked with Kalisto still in his arms and then got pushed right into Ryback’s Shell Shock finisher. Sheamus was eliminated soon after.

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