What Is a BattleFrog?

BattleFrog NJ 2014 (All Obstacle First Person)BattleFrog 2014 New Jersey Englishtown Course 15k Every Obstacle Penalty Free New Jersey (NJ) Course at Motocross Park Drag Strip *Great job everyone running and please share comments below** This video is free to share – use or post on your page/site. Footage taken with GoPro on hockey stick at 720 120fps By Ryan Meade2014-08-03T02:19:26Z

Gone are the good old days of Tostitos sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl. Everyone is familiar with the tortilla chip brand but this bowl season has led to confusion. The Fiesta Bowl features a new sponsor: BattleFrog.

It begs the question, what exactly is a BattleFrog? BattleFrog does a series of different obstacle course races. It is like a 5K race on steroids.

BattleFrog describes themselves on their website:

The BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series is one of the nation’s fastest growing outdoor fitness events. Expertly designed by Navy SEALs and SeaBees, BattleFrog is heralded as one of the top OCR companies by industry publications and is widely considered the most challenging Elite Points Series events.”

Ed Erhardt, President of ESPN Global Sales and Marketing commented on the sponsorship: “This is a fantastic opportunity to expose a cutting-edge brand and competition like BattleFrog to a passionate college football fan base. BattleFrog’s unique brand proposition is a great fit for a storied franchise like the Fiesta Bowl, which attracts a young, affluent audience – many of whom could be potential BattleFrog participants.”

BattleFrog picked a great year to become the title sponsor. Outside of the College Football Playoff games, the Fiesta Bowl was the most anticipated bowl matchup featuring two iconic college football programs in Notre Dame and Ohio State.

It might take a while to get used to the new name of the Fiesta Bowl but now you know a new way to get in shape for the new year.

Ohio State won the first ever BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl 42-13.

Here is a look at some footage from one of the BattleFrog races:

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