Novak Djokovic & His Son: The Pictures You Need to See

Novak Djokovic might actually have it all. The Serbian tennis star is among the top athletes in the entire world, a perpetual Grand Slam contender and he boasts one of the most supportive (and photogenic) families in the world. But while Djokovic wrapped up 2015 on a high note, it's nothing compared to what he has going for him in 2016 and, as far as he's concerned, the most important part of those plans focus almost entirely away from the tennis court. Instead, they're focused on his son. Djokovic, and his wife Jelena, became first-time parents in October 2014 and since then their entire world has been focused on Stefan. In fact, just one glance at Djokovic's social media accounts is more than enough to understand his focus on being a good father. Now, with the Australian Open ahead of him and another Grand Slam title run looming, Djokovic is determined to make his son proud of him. Click through the gallery to check out the father-son duo's best moments and learn more about Djokovic's approach to fatherhood. (Instagram)



Gayle Williams

Novak Djokovic is my all-time favorite tennis player! I have watched him from the time he appeared on the scene as a young man with him humor and his emotions all out there. He has grown so much not only in his game but in his character and is incredibly impressive now. He is the epitome of pro!!


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