Super Bowl Prop Bets 2016: National Anthem, Halftime Odds



There are many Super Bowl traditions. There’s the beloved Puppy Bowl earlier in the day. There’s the commercials. There’s the endless amount of snacks.

And of course, there’s the ridiculous prop bets.

The amount of different scenarios that you can bet on gets larger and funnier every year, and while many of these wagers concentrate on the game itself, there are plenty of props that focus on the national anthem or halftime show.

Here’s a look at some of the best, courtesy of Bovada:

Note: (-500) means you need to bet $500 to win $100, while (+500) means a $100 bet wins you $500

National Anthem Time

With Lady Gaga officially announced as the singer of the national anthem, the over/under on her time has been set:

Over 2 minutes, 20 seconds: (-120)

Under 2 minutes, 20 seconds: (-120)

Gaga is a showstopper, and she should hold a few notes a little longer than most, but 2:20 is already a pretty long time. As OddsShark noted, the average length of the last 10 Super Bowl national anthems has been 1:57, and in the video above, Gaga’s performance lasts 2:15. The under seems like the way to go.

Left Shark Appearance



Left Shark stole Katy Perry’s halftime show a year ago, and you can wager on the lovable dancing killer making a comeback.

Yes: (+1500)

I will definitely be betting on this, if only for the fact that it will provide me some hope.

Coldplay’s First Song



Think you know what song Coldplay will use to kickoff the halftime show? Here’s the market:

Adventure of a Lifetime: (+200)

Fix You: (+375)

A Sky Full of Stars: (+450)

Viva la Vida: (+450)

Clocks: (+750)

Speed of Sound: (+900)

Head Full of Dreams: (+1000)

Paradise: (+1000)

“Viva la Vida” is intriguing at +450. “Adventure of a Lifetime” is the choice if you think they’ll start with something current, but with such a massive audience, I’m guessing they start with a classic. “Viva la Vida” is their one song to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, so it’s probably the most widely known.

Beyonce’s Shoes

Feelin’ lucky? You can bet on the color of Beyonce’s shoes when she first appears on stage:

Black (+150)

Gold/Brown: (+250)

White: (+275)

Silver/Grey: (+475)

Any Other Color: (+700)

I’ll take any other color for +700, Alex. That way, I’m covered for red, blue, pink, turquoise, chartreuse and burgundy. Can’t go wrong there.


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