WATCH: Will Barton Complete 2016 Dunk Contest Highlights

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Will Barton had a tough time in the 2016 dunk contest, as he started nice but couldn’t complete his second dunk. You can watch winner Zach LaVine’s highlights here or runner-up Aaron Gordon’s highlights here. They put on an instant classic.

Here are Barton’s highlights:

Will Barton 2016 Dunk Contest Highlights

First Dunk

Will the Thrill entered with some Michael Jackson theatrics, which was a bit awkward, but he more than made up for it with a reverse through-the legs slam.

He received a 44 for his effort.

Second Dunk

Barton couldn’t put down his second dunk attempt.


As is the case with everyone not named Zach LaVine, Barton enters the 2016 dunk contest as a sizable underdog. But it would be a mistake to overlook the 25-year-old Memphis product.

Barton is developing into a well-rounded player and one of the best sixth men in the NBA, but his calling card has always been his elite combination of athleticism and length. Will “The Thrill” has thrown down some huge in-game slams, including a 360 throwdown a couple years ago.

“They are going to see a guy who could get up, got a lot of confidence in himself, a lot of flare, a lot of hang time, and just a performer,” said Barton when asked what the world was going to see on Saturday night.

Sounds good to us.

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