Buddy Ryan Dead: Twitter Reactions to the Coach’s Death

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Former NFL coach and defensive guru Buddy Ryan died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer.

He was 82.

Buddy Ryan is the father of NFL coach’s Rex and Rob Ryan, both now with the Buffalo Bills. Rex is the head coach, Rob an assistant.

Buddy Ryan had two stints as a head coach — with the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals — but is arguably best known as being the architect for the Chicago Bears stifling defenses from 1978-1985.

Keep reading to see the Twitter reactions to Buddy Ryan’s death:

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Black KKK

another blue eye cracker thrown into a lake of fire for all eternal!!!!

Survive The End Days

Wow, sad news. Obviously as a Pats fan I have some feelings towards Rex and, to some degree, Rob as well, but only in matters of football. Condolences to Ryan family, Buddy was a legend and his sons have proudly followed in his coaching footsteps.
I’m reminded of the post-game jingle for him sung by the players in an old NFL Films video I had as a kid in the 80s.
“Hoo-ray for Buddy, hoo-ray for Buddy, hoo-ray for Buddy, the horse’s ass!” I’ll always remember that fondly.
Oh and Kevin Gilbride, good news: you can resume sleeping with BOTH eyes closed again…

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