POLL: Where Does LeBron James Rank Among the NBA Greats?

LeBron James, Game 7, NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron on the court for Game 7. (Getty)

Currently, LeBron James is playing in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. If he and the Cavaliers win, his legend grows, as he would finally be able to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland in his home state. If he fails to and the Warriors repeat, it would be James’ 5th Finals loss in 7 trips. 7 trips is impressive in and of itself, but how much does 5 losses affect his accomplishments?

At this point in James’ veteran career, there has been plenty of talk about his place in the annals of NBA history. An immensely gifted player, a star since day 1, and an unbelievably consistent player, is LeBron James on his way to becoming the greatest player in NBA history? Is he already there? Or is he just not within reach of such an enormous title? These are the questions being considered in our poll.

Where does LeBron James stack up in NBA history?

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