Deion Sanders Lawsuit & Sons: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

deion sanders lawsuit sued sons john darjean compensation

Former NFL star Deion Sanders. (Getty)

Former NFL star and current TV analyst Deion Sanders is being sued by an insurance company over an alleged incident that occurred between one of his sons and a high school employee.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Dallas high school employee, John Darjean, alleges he was attacked and beaten up by one of Sanders’ teenage sons last year. Darjean said he needed surgery and was paid by his insurance company for workers compensation.

Now the insurance company is suing Sanders to be compensated, claiming his son has had a history of bad behavior and nothing was done about it.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Darjean Claims One of Sanders’ Sons Attacked Him

deion sanders lawsuit sued sons john darjean


Darjean, an employee at a Dallas-area high school, claimed one of Sanders’ sons was using his cell phone during school hours, which is against school policy.

Darjean said he tried to confiscate the phone, but Sanders wouldn’t give it up. Instead, Darjean claims, the teenager attacked the school employee, inflicting serious injuries.

The alleged incident occurred in September of 2015.

2. Darjean Says He Needed Spinal Surgery

Deion Sanders – Prime @BoredFIlm2016-03-04T20:22:22.000Z

Darjean was brought to a local hospital after the incident.

Eventually he needed spinal surgery and was paid $26,000 in a workers compensation claim.

3. Sanders Has 2 Teenage Sons, But the Report Doesn’t Say Which Son was Accused

Shilo Sanders (Instagram/Shilo Sanders)

Shilo Sanders (Instagram/Shilo Sanders)

Sanders has two teenage sons in high school — Shilo and Shedeur — but the report doesn’t say which son was involved in the alleged incident.

The mother of Shilo and Shedeur is Pilar, who was married to Deion from 1999 to 2013.

Sanders has another son with his first wife. Deion Sanders Jr. plays football for SMU.

Sanders Jr., a defensive back and kick returner, will be a senior in the fall.

4. Sanders Is Being Sued for $26K by an Insurance Company

deion sanders sons lawsuit sued john darjean


Sanders is being sued by the insurance company for repayment of the $26,000 paid to Darjean’s workers comp claim.

According to the court documents, the insurance company claims Sanders’ son has a history of bad behavior and that Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar did nothing to remedy it.

For that reason the insurance company believes Sanders should pay back the $26K.

Sanders has not commented on the situation.

5. Sanders’ Sons Have Criticized Him in the Past

Shedeur Sanders (Instagram/Shedeur Sanders)

Shedeur Sanders (Instagram/Shedeur Sanders)

Sanders hasn’t always had the best relationship with his sons.

Last Christmas, Shilo and Shedeur claim their father kicked them out of his house when they showed up with their ears pierced.

Shilo and Shedeur let everyone know how they felt, going the social media route.

On Instagram they posted how their very wealthy father didn’t get them a single Christmas present, among other jabs.

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