How Many Kids Did Muhammad Ali Have?

Muhammad Ali's Kids

Muhammad Ali has passed away, leaving behind a huge family of 9 kids. Ali was married four times, but not all of his children came from each wife. Two of his kids were from other relationships. When Ali married his first wife Sonji Roi, the marriage was very short and they never had kids. Ali then went on to marry his second wife Belinda Boyd, who later changed her name to Khalilah. Together, they had four children - Maryum (who was born 1968), twins Jamillah and Rasheda (who were born 1970), and Muhammad Ali, Jr. (who was born 1972). While married to Boyd, Ali had an affair with his third wife Veronica Porsche. Porsche and Ali went on to get married and had two daughters - Hana and Laila Ali. Ali's current wife (now widow), married the former boxer in 1986 and they adopted one son together - Assad Amin. In addition to these seven offspring, Ali also had two other daughters - Miya and Khaliah. Miya's mother is a woman named Patricia Harvell and The NY Daily News reports that Khaliah is a love child of Ali's. Khaliah was conceived when Ali was still married to second wife Boyd. Khaliah's mother is a woman named Wanda Bolton. Though this equals nine children, there's a good possibility that Muhammad Ali may actually have 10 kids as a woman named Kiiursti Mensah Ali claims to have proof in a paternity test. Kiiursti Mensah Ali told The Mirror that she is Muhammad Ali's daughter, but she blames Ali's wife Lonnie for cutting her out of her father's life. Mensah revealed: Muhammad Ali is my dad – but everything changed the moment he married her. He stopped coming to see me. As the years went by he got sicker and sicker. She stopped him having a relationship with me. It’s been devastating. Mensah said that Ali met her mother Barbara when Barbara was just 17 years old. For even more details on each one of Ali's children, click through our gallery of their photos. (Instagram/HanaAli)